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Join Amazons Womens Internship Network in Operations

Join Amazon's Women's Internship Network in Operations

Amazon's Women's Internship Network in Operations (WIN-In-Ops) is a complementary program to EMEA Operations student internships that are usually three to six months long.

The program aims encourage women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to explore careers in Operations, an industry where women are traditionally underrepresented, by creating a development circle and network for women interns.


Following your registration, you will receive suggested internship positions for which you can apply.

Amazon helps women interns improve business confidence

Amazon is keen to encourage talented women in STEM and MBA courses to consider leadership opportunities within the traditionally male-dominated fields of Operations Management, Logistics & Supply Chain, and Technology. Interns improve their business confidence through learning opportunities such as effective communication, conflict handling styles, and by building networking relationships.

Amazon STEM internship

Excellent internship opportunities at Amazon

Amazon is hiring ambitious, results-orientated graduates: They’ll train you in all skills needed to manage teams and drive results in their world-class operations network.

Amazon hires interns and gives them ownership over projects from day one. In fact, some of Amazon's most senior leaders first started at Amazon as interns. Amazon hires undergraduates, post-graduates, MBA students and PhDs into internships across retail, technology, operations and finance every year.

Amazon puts careful thought into their intern selection. They look for people who think differently, question assumptions, think analytically and have a desire to build new things and constantly improve to create easier, faster, simpler, more satisfying experiences for customers. They move quickly at Amazon and people who want to invent on behalf of customers and directly impact the customer experience will do well in an Amazon internship.

Amazon's commitment to diversity in the workplace extends well into their Internship Programme

Start as an intern, lead for a lifetime

Amazon's exciting programme incorporates:

  • Leadership training - develop and hone your leadership style with onsite and online training
  • Real-world business challenges through supply chain management or operations process optimization
  • Coaching by senior female talent across the business
  • Growing your network across Amazon and with peers from top universities across Europe

Operations & Logistics Internship

Amazon's busy, world-class Fulfillment & Operations network is rapidly expanding; so they are seeking ambitious and enthusiastic trainees to join them and build the future. Committed team players would thrive in this fluid, intentional environment; you’ll be given the opportunity to learn, experiment and grow.

Human Resources & Social Science Internship

Amazon is looking for future champions within Human Resources, the kind of people who are ready to roll up their sleeves as their dive into a unique project that they'll be empowered to own from Day One. In this team, you will work at the heart of Amazon and know your way around it all: talent acquisition, employee relations, performance management and legislative compliance.

Business Analyst/Business Intelligence Internship

Amazon is looking for brilliant minds like yours that are inquisitive and curious. Together with the team you join, you’ll help analyse the overall performance and throughput of one segment of their world class supply chain. Then, you’ll help recommend potential changes and improvements that can be made: this is all part of Amazon's culture of continuous improvement.

Software Development Engineering Internship

Whatever your background, if you love seeing your developments help improve real life, if you have a passion for using technology to improve processes, and if you enjoy solving operational challenges by creating state of the art systems, Amazon is a great place to be. You will put your analytical and technical skills to the test and roll up your sleeves to complete a project that will contribute to improve the functionality and level of service that teams provides to Amazon's customers.

Pathways Internship

Amazon is seeking enthusiastic, ambitious students to join their unique, industry-leading Pathways programme. They offer a carefully-structured, project-based professional development opportunity. Interns spend 11-12 weeks in one of Amazon’s fast-moving European Fulfillment Centers. Projects include the design of a new process or strategy to be rolled out across their facility.

Amazon is committed to supporting diversity

Amazon is committed to supporting equal opportunities, access, and diversity in thought and perspectives. The introduction of Amazon WIN-In-Ops supports the development of talent without changing or differentiating the standard process of application, assessment, interviews or on-the-job elements of Amazon Operations internships. The hiring and on-the-job internship process will be the same for all internship candidates regardless of gender, or any other attribute.

How Amazon hires

Keeping their recruitment process fair and transparent remains a priority: one that guides how they grow their teams. They also strive to attract and embrace new ways of working. For Amazon, matching their culture with diverse personalities is just as important as matching skillsets with job roles. Find your place with Amazon and make your mark.

Get into Amazon as an intern and learn from their talented teams

Did you know that Amazon ships everywhere: to over 185 countries (and counting ...)

Amazon is made up of builders and innovators, all of whom bring diverse backgrounds, brilliant ideas and varying points of view with them. Their rich tapestry of team members, from all around the world, means that they are looking for great minds just like yours.

Together, they’re pushing the boundaries of possible.

Join Amazon's internship programme and see your early career start to truly thrive.


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