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Eaton offers internship programs in many disciplines

Eaton offers internship programs in many disciplines

Accomplish more with Eaton. Here’s your opportunity to gain valuable work experience and develop your leadership skills. Eaton's internship and co-op programs offer hands-on experience that includes networking and coaching. Assignment length can vary and may require geographic flexibility. And, at the end of your internship, you could be a candidate for an entry-level position or one of Eaton's leadership development programs.

Watch Eaton's early careers video to learn more about their career pathways on offer.

Eaton internships make a real difference

Eaton internship opportunities offer a challenging and rewarding experience where you can make a real difference. You deserve an environment where you can develop the skills to be a leader, and Eaton will guide you along the path to a great career. 

Read about how Victoria joined Eaton as an intern and was very excited to be part of a culture where she could live and breathe the values every day.

Eaton intern Victoria

A range of great internships

Eaton's Internship Programs are designed to provide opportunities to a diverse mix of students who can demonstrate the same high level of ethics, values, creativity and performance that Eaton expects from all of their employees.

During the 3, 6 or 12 months paid internship, students will work on projects that have a measurable impact on the Eaton business and will be coached and mentored by Eaton leaders.

You will develop skills through structured training, coaching and networking events. Assignments are driven by real business objectives, focus on growth technologies and allow participants to have a high level of contact with Eaton’s key leaders. Wherever your career aspirations lie, you can cultivate your skills in the Eaton Internship Program.

Engineering and Technology Excellence is the foundation of innovation and new product development. As a response to Eaton's commitment to functional excellence, they have designed rotational development programs that focus on developing their leadership talent pipeline.

Eaton internships prepare participants for future leadership positions by offering value-added rotational assignments in which candidates will have the opportunity to gain experience with Eaton’s new products and technologies.

Eaton offer internships in the following career categories: 

  • Engineering and technology
  • Operations for engineers
  • Technical sales 
  • Finance and accounting 
  • Human resources
  • Information Technology
  • Supply chain management

Brilliant leadership exposure

EATON internships

Participants are expected to formally present projects to Eaton's leadership teams, and they receive multiple opportunities for networking and formal training. Training needs focus on both technical skills as well as leadership competencies.

Great opportunities after the program

Graduates of the program should be ready for key roles across the Eaton business, ranging from product design and engineering to program management and financial analysis. 

Entry qualifications

To qualify for an Eaton internship, you should be:

• pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in engineering with a related focus 

• actively involved in leadership activities

• authorized to work in the European Union or Schengen area

Unleash your potential

After completion of the internship, and upon graduation, your experience and newly acquired skills could lead you to a variety of career paths, such as the Eaton Leadership Development Program- Engineering & Technology. This full-time program could include assignments in design and development engineering with long-term opportunities in design engineering, product engineering and program management, as well as engineering leadership roles.

Manufacturing, engineering, operational excellence, supply chain management, quality control, lean manufacturing, supervision and more - wherever your career aspirations lie, you can cultivate your skills in the Eaton Internship Program. Designed to provide great insight into the operations of our business groups, this program offers you the possibility to work in a variety of engineering, manufacturing and business roles.

Build your career with Eaton.


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