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Kick-start an innovative career with an 84.51° internship

Kick-start an innovative career with an 84.51° internship

84.51° can help jump-start your career with a fabulous immersive internship programs. 

84.51° is a  very cool company that has a range of career programs to meet the unique needs of interns.

During the internship, you get to learn about their exciting data industry and develop your skills as you transition into your first job. 

Development Program

The 84.51° Development Program is full-time employment that is designed to support, develop and accelerate entry-level talent in Data Science & Analytics, Consulting and Engineering

Participants in 84.51°'s Development Program are leaders in the making who are recent graduates, or early in their career and looking to change paths. Over the course of several months, you’ll get the mentorship and support structure you need to become an industry whiz. 

Start dates are in January and June, and participants in the program are full-time.

Check out open positions for 84.51°'s Development Program here.

Data Science & Analytics

The first 10 weeks consist of rigorous training and case study sessions to get a foundational understanding of who 84.51° is, what the company does and how it does it. The next two months, you’ll work on live projects with teams across the business. After completing your projects, 84.51° will place you in a role that aligns with your strengths, interests and opportunities for development.

Bridget participated in 84.51°'s Development Program and is now enjoying a career as an Insights Analyst at the company.

She shares her experience of the program: "It’s such a well-rounded program, so no matter what your interests are or if you aren’t sure exactly what bucket you fall into, you have the opportunity to explore that."

Bridget 8451

"A lot of companies just throw you in and say you don’t have to worry about training because you’re hitting the ground running from day one. With the 84.51° Development Program, you get a better foundation for the future because you’re not frazzled from the get-go," she adds.

"You get the time to ask questions and figure out who the experts are for each language or methodology. Other training programs probably aren’t as all-encompassing with daylong sessions devoted to training. Other companies seem to encourage more independent learning, whereas 84.51° starts with classroom style learning, which allows you to have a great transition from school to a career."

Find out more about Bridget's experience.

Passionate about data science

Sara is a Technology Specialist at 84.51° who also started her career with the Development Program.

"It’s common for Engineering programs to offer a two-year rotation program, rotating though diverse types of role. This type of program works great if you are less decided on what you want to do.  If you know you’re passionate about data science, a more accelerate approach, like what is offered at 84.51°, works better," she explains.

Sara 8451

"The Development Program helped me discover the right role that complemented my technical skillset. I came in thinking my role would be more consulting focused, but was happy to pursue a career in Data Science," she adds.

"The best part of the Development Program is the connection you make with other new hires. These relationships give you visibility into the work happening across the company.  It’s nice to make connections between your work and others’ work."

Find out more about Sara's experience.

Rigorous training in consulting

When participants begin the Consulting Development Program, they are provided rigorous training and knowledge around the inner workings of 84.51°. Afterward, they apply what they’ve learned working on high- volume, high-variety real-life projects. By completing strategic projects, participants will grow more confident in their transformational skills and become best-in-class consultants.

Katarina is a consultant at 84.51° and her role is to manage the client relationships for CPGs and help them leverage Kroger loyalty card data to better do business. For her, the Development Program was an immersive experience that gave her in-depth knowledge of the company and the industry.

"The Development Program was a wonderful experience because it starts with several weeks of broad learning about the company. Then as a Consultant, you get dedicated time to learn our tools and become an expert on them before having client responsibilities. Then that knowledge then gets applied through a period of project work. During that time, you get experience working with many different teams. By the time you are placed in a role, you understand what the role is like, as well as technical expertise that helps you gain credibility with clients," she explains.

Katarina 8451

"Since I had been an intern and went through the Development Program, I was equipped with a strong foundational knowledge of our data and tools. This set me up to add value in my client relationships from the start, even as I was working to learn their business and strategies. Another benefit of the program are the people you meet in the program. Right away, you know Consultants and Analysts all over the organization and have the foundation of a network – not to mention, a group of friends!"

Find out more about Katarina's experience.

Software engineering and a programming

Participants in this program get to learn all about 84.51° and the technologies the company uses to build enterprise software that turns data into insights. You will be able to distinguish the differences between a software engineer and a programmer, and 84.51 will place you on a development team to solve current business problems.

You’ll experience a variety of tasks and learning opportunities and gain a solid technology-agnostic knowledge of software development.

Summer internship program 8451

Summer internships

The 84.51° Internship Program is a 10-week immersive opportunity over the summer that will allow you to gain real work experience while learning the ins and outs of 84.51°’s business and culture. You’ll collaborate with 84.51° employees to complete a challenging project that impacts the way they do business. They aren’t just about the work during the internship - they also want you to get to know who they are.

You'll have meet and greets and networking opportunities with leaders and executives from across their business, as well as social outings to get to know the local scene.

The even better news? If you succeed during the internship (they know you will), you’ll have a full-time position waiting for you in their Development Program after you graduate.

The company's internship program has three tracks: Data Science & Analytics, Consulting and Engineering. It runs from the end of May through the beginning of August.

Data Science & Analytics

Data Scientists span the spectrum of data science from insights specialist, statistical learning specialist and technology specialist. They analyze data to uncover actionable insights, apply computer programming languages, leverage advanced statistical techniques and much more.

The Data Science & Analytics stream is for you if you:

  • enjoy diving into a dataset and presenting insights to a business audience
  • using statistical programming languages to solve a problem
  • have a passion for machine learning methodologies
  • are a coder who likes to focus on solution design & process automation
  • have been exploring coding languages such as R, Python or SQL


84.51° consultants partner with clients to develop business strategies and create plans that will convince customers to shop at Kroger. They use their learnings and expertise to maximize product launches, develop pricing strategies, personalize offers and messages to customers, and more.

The Consulting stream is for you if you:

  • find your wondering what data lies behind business decisions
  • love getting to the root of the problem and are energized by changing the status quo
  • enjoy solving business problems by manipulating, interpreting and visualizing data
  • are constantly putting myself in situations that allow me to develop innovative ideas and lead others to bring them to life


84.51° engineers use agile development methodology and work with a large team during the planning process. They write scalable software that transforms raw customer data into robust, insightful solutions and open new pipelines for exposing data.

The Engineering stream is for you if you:

  • enjoy building software that simplifies complex processes into a simple and clean user experience
  • want to make applications more helpful by embedding AI
  • want to enable AI and other data science to be more effective by providing even more diverse data assets to train on
  • are looking for a collaborative, team-based environment using open source technologies

Check out open positions for 84.51°'s Summer Internship here.

Co-op Program

The 84.51° Semester-based Co-op Program takes place every school semester and is about giving you real work while working alongside one of their teams. The roles they offer vary from semester to semester and include, but are not limited to, Technology & Data Operations, Engineering and Human Resources. They recruit for these roles each semester, if you don’t find the role posted on their website, that means they are not actively recruiting for co-ops at that time, but please check back regularly.

Check out open positions for 84.51°'s Co-op Program here.

Logan Davis, CSA Consultant Co-op at 84.51°, is part of the Co-op program and enjoys being in a role that energizes, excites and challenges her.

Logan Davies Co-op

“I work on the MIA (Merchandising Insights & Activation) team, spending most of my time evaluating commodities’ performance within Kroger. If a Category Manager has a question about how — or why — a product, brand, or commodity is performing the way that it is, it’s my job to use data to find the answer. Once I’ve collected the data I need, I organize it into a story that answers their question and, usually, provides recommendations! It’s a lot of fun," says Logan.

"I’m grateful to be in a role that energizes, excites, and challenges me at a company that I love!"

Meanwhile, Co-op Program participant Mackenzie Crowell enjoys playing her part in rewarding precision marketing projects.

Co-op 8451

“I execute Kroger Precision Marketing campaigns and collaborate with internal/external clients to meet objectives and deadlines for each campaign," explains Mackenzie

"At the beginning of the summer, I was assigned a Direct Mail Solo for the launch of Kroger Brand Chocolate Chip Edible Cookie Dough – Kroger being the first to market with this product in the grocery retail space. It has been very rewarding to see this project from start to finish, especially with it being my first time with that type of campaign."

So who is 84.51° looking for?

If you're enrolled in a four-year accredited university completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree, then this awesome career opportunity might just be for you. 

Following the brilliant 10-week program, talented students who succeed are offered a full-time position in the 84.51°'s Development Program after graduation.

84.51° internship program is a full-time paid position that takes places during normal business hours from the end of May through the beginning of August.

Where will you be working?

Science & Analytics and Engineering programs have opportunities at both the 84.51° headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, and their tech hub in downtown Chicago, Illinois.

The Consulting program is exclusive to 84.51°'s Cincinnati, Ohio headquarters.

You will be offered housing near your 84.51° office for the duration of the 10-week program which is a great, stress-free way to explore your new home for the summer and make new friends.

8451 Cincinatti headquarters

How will you make your impact?

84.51° is always looking for naturally curious people who want to collaborate and stimulate their brains. They energize the company and make it better. They’re innovators who make sure 84.51° is always a few steps ahead of the industry. Regardless of where your skill set lies, the company is a strong team of problem solvers, learners and leaders.

Now all that’s left to decide is how you’ll make your impact.

Kick-start your innovative career at 84.51°

84.51° champions innovative thinkers and values difference - so think about what unique contribution you can bring to one of  84.51°'s internships. 

Then learn more about early career opportunities and apply to one of the many open positions available.

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