Colt provides global reach via its international career opportunities

Colt provides global reach via its international career opportunities

 October 27, 2022

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Colt's people are defined by their ability to make things happen and deliver on their promises, supporting their colleagues to do an exceptional job. They like to tell it like it is, they are not creatures of habit but instead are hungry to learn more about Colt's customers and its business.

This is reflected in how and where Colt works, offering a creative working environment for its employees across Europe, Asia and the US. Colt not only connects businesses around the world, but its network of people has the same global reach.

Discover more about what it's like working with Colt, for example, in the UK, France, Japan, Spain, India and Germany.

Working with Colt in the UK

Colt's UK office, and global headquarters, is situated in Shoreditch, London. Being located in London’s creative tech heart ties in with Colt's exciting and vibrant culture. The London office has the feel of a start-up shaking up the telecoms industry and Colt's collaborative environment plays a huge part in the energy and ideas that come from its network of people.

"Colt is an international provider of telecom services, and essentially we support enterprises or global companies with data connectivity needs," says Colt's Vice President of Sales, Europe, Paula Cogan.

"We are focused on providing reliable, secure, high bandwidth services to our customers, so that the customers can focus on their actual day-to-day business and leave the technology aspect in terms of connectivity to us," comments Colt's Director of Information Risk Management, Venkatesh Ravindran.

"The London office is much more centered around a kind of up-and-coming technology company field. I think now being in Shoreditch, it definitely lends to that feeling of immortal start-up technology company rather than took maybe the old telecoms company," explains Colt's Customer Experience Improvement Manager, Rachel Meadows.

"To come here into the Colt house and have the hub as a facility to be able to meet customers and just give them that slight wow factor, when I walk in it's phenomenal. It's a pretty relaxed environment here for anyone who comes in, or is lucky enough to come in, or even just walks past the office, you can see table tennis downstairs and pool. There's a nice of a breakout area which is a really nice touch," says Colt's Head of Financial Planning and Analysis, Mark Francis.

"The London office is a very friendly office. The company's put a lot of effort into having different places to collaborate, places to relax, and places to work quietly, so it's got a nice mix to it," adds Colt Laywer, Nadine Ramasay.

"Everything that happens in the world now happens over a network, and Colt I think is the preeminent network provided locally. We're effectively the fourth utility," says Mark Beeden, Colt's Vice President, Customer Experience & Service Management.

Working with Colt in France

Colt believes that collaboration produces the best work, so its Parisian office in France is a light, open-plan space with different functions sat alongside each other to nurture the company's culture of knowledge-sharing.

Paris is a hub for large-scale national and European businesses. An office in Paris means Colt is close to its clients and to the heartbeat of the market. Not only that, but its state-of-the-art facilities also give Colt the availability to work with colleagues wherever they may be.

"People are the main principle asset that Colt has, not only here in France, but on an overall basis in every single location," comments Colt Senior Legal Advisor, Carolina Morales.

"We learn to work with different people, different mentalities, and so you also have to learn to communicate. As for me, it's very interesting, and I think for my colleagues it's the same kind of feeling, and you really extend the way you see the world. That's that's just great," explains Colt's Service and Contract Manager, Sophie Morel.

"You can work in Paris, you can work in London, you can work in Frankfurt or Madrid. Everywhere we have the same spirit. There is one brand, there is one direction where everybody wants to go. Colt is a nice place to work because we know where we are, and we know exactly where we're going tomorrow," adds Colt Account Executive, Quentin Guiral.

Working with Colt in Japan

Colt's Tokyo team in Japan is multicultural with a global outlook and a strong sense of working together for a common goal. The working space is a very open and inspiring place to work and Colt is perfectly located to enjoy Tokyo's best activities and entertainment. Its office is based in the centre of it all, ideally located near a huge park, great restaurants and bustling shopping streets.

"Everyone at Colt is fiercely independently driven, but also really driven towards a common objective. So when you have this mix of people wanting to do the best they possibly can for themselves whilst doing the best they can for the company, it creates this highly performing culture where everyone is looking for new ways to add value for themselves and for the team," says Colt Marketing Associate, Patrick Godden.

"It's a dynamic place. There's many people that do speak our native Japanese, but there's also a lot of people that don't even speak Japanese and are able to contribute to the business because of the fact that we have so many interactions with the other global counterparts in Colt," explains Colt's Head of Operations & Technology, Masato Hoshino.

Working with Colt in Spain

Colt empowers its people to seize every opportunity. Between Wellbeing Week and inter-team learning sessions, its Barcelona team in Spain always looks to grow personally and professionally.

As a cultural melting pot, it makes perfect sense that Colt's Barcelona office has the most nationalities under one roof of all its locations, a fact that the company celebrates by hanging each country’s flag in reception.

"Colt settled in Barcelona years ago because of the knowledge, because of the cultures that we have here. There are different kinds of team support in different areas across Europe," says Colt Regional Country Management Support, Carlos Leon.

"It's interesting, especially for the Barcelona office, because a lot of the backend is managed is from Barcelona. So it's interesting when we deal with our customers that we probably at some point or another have to interact with each and every single team," comments Colt Account Executive, Ritesh Raheia.

Working with Colt in India

Colt is focused on the impact good ideas can have, so it prides itself on an open environment where employees can define their career with the effort they put in and the skills they develop with the company. Its office in India is based just outside New Delhi in Gurgaon.

There are members of every department based out of Colt's Gurgaon office, so it's a true microcosm of the entire company. It's a hugely collaborative environment where employees support each other and tackle projects together. When employees are not in the office, they're enjoying the endless sights, entertainment, incredible food and open atmosphere of the city.

"Colt is leading towards becoming a high-bandwidth service provider, and our mission is to enable our customers digital transformation through agile, on-demand and high bandwidth service solutions. It gives a huge value add to the overall fuel strategy," says Colt's Director of Service Delivery, Rajneesh Gupta.

Working with Colt in Germany

While it’s a city steeped in history, Frankfurt, Germany, has a tech industry that is booming, so Colt feels right at home. The office is close to the nerve centre of the Colt IQ Network, with nodes directly below the building.

Colt always looks to challenge itself and knows that when it does, there will be people supporting one another, whether sat next to each other in Frankfurt, or on the other end of a video call.

"Colt is still a company that is encouraging collaboration, working together, and helping out each other. It is the most encouraging environment because you know you have people you can trust," says Colt Security Specialist, Michael Spahn.

"Being in the city of Frankfurt gives our salespeople a good opportunity to have a real close look to their customers," he adds.

"If you love empowerment, if you love doing things differently, if you have ideas, if you're very creative, Colt gives you a chance," concludes Colt Senior Legal Advisor, Martina Emrich.

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