Work for sustainability-focused Colt Technology Services

Work for sustainability-focused Colt Technology Services

 July 10, 2024

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Candidates are more clued in these days to the impact that businesses have on the environment, so this can be one of the many reasons that women choose to work for a responsible employer. As such, a company's track record in sustainability achievements can certainly be an important factor when comparing employers.

Prime employer for women, Colt Technology Services, won the Sustainability Award at the LCL Carrier Partner Awards 2024. In an interview with LCL, Colt Strategic Alliances & Country Manager, Floris Veulemans, dived deeper into Colt's innovative approach to sustainability and its impact on the industry.

Learn more about the positive impacts of working with Colt, a sustainability-focused employer.

An innovative approach to sustainability

Colt sustainability

Floris looks after Colt's Strategic Alliances in the Benelux, and explains that last year, Colt ran a pilot with a company called Urban Miners, an initiative for recycling the company's electronic waste. "They were able to upcycle about 99 per cent of garbage, avoiding it going to landfill," says Floris. "We believe this impacts the industry because it demonstrates the importance of reverse manufacturing, avoiding mining for rare metals. The pilot was so successful that we're planning to continue this program in a number of countries. So, the future is bright."

Becoming the sustainable supplier of choice is a key pillar of Colt's Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy. As a large company with global operations, Colt wants to lead by example when working with its suppliers, partners, customers and communities to reduce its impact on the environment.

Colt Sustainability Report

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Colt Technology Services is committed to building a strong, sustainable future for its business.

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