Colt Project Manager Aki Ando values the people around her

Colt Project Manager Aki Ando values the people around her

 October 21, 2022

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Colt is inspired by the powerful women who work with the company, and continues to celebrate its inspirational women throughout the year.

Colt knows that its employees are its greatest assets. Embedding diversity and inclusion into everything the company does creates a stronger, more able workforce.

Colt Project Manager, Aki Ando, shares why she values human connection and explains the role music has in serving as an aid during challenging times.

Receiving help from Colt colleagues

In her role with Colt, Aki is often surrounded by many people, and she really appreciates the support she receives from them.

"I've worked with customers for a long time. Having received this chance in this company is something very significant for me," comments Aki.

Aki explains how she thinks people are very important to Colt, she says, "colleagues, my boss, and the people I meet during working hours... friends, and the help I receive from these people is very important. I feel that they help me in many ways."

Easing pain with music

Aki believes that it is important to remain positive in the role of Project Manager. However, she is aware that this is not always possible and incorporates music within her everyday life as a way to ease the pain she may feel.

"But sometimes I feel a bit down or disheartened. Luckily there is this singer that I really like and her songs lift me from that place," says Aki.

"I feel that music can help to ease pain caused by negative inner feelings, and it can also serve as an aid when you're not feeling positive. Therefore, I think this has become an integral part of my everyday life," she adds.

Colt is a prime employer for women

Colt knows that people matter and is committed to building relationships based on trust, honesty, respect, and integrity.

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