Meet Colts Chief Executive Officer Keri Gilder

Meet Colt's Chief Executive Officer Keri Gilder

 January 25, 2023

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Colt connects businesses across the digital society with industry-leading network and voice services. It knows the power of connectivity relies on a culture of openness and inclusion.

Meet Colt's Keri Gilder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who was appointed to the role of CEO in May 2020. She is responsible for executing Colt’s strategy that centres around transforming the way the world works through the power of connectivity.

Embracing communities

Making connections across the world is what drew Keri to her role with Colt, she says, "it's this ability to make connections with people, with communities."

Keri started running sales marketing and customer service, and after 18 months the opportunity for CEO became available with Colt, and so Keri applied. She explains that the thing she is most proud of with the company is the employees.

"It's this embracing of the communities around us. It's also embracing our full ecosystem and our partnerships, and ultimately truly taking care of our customers," she says. "I think about it like a big hug, when you come in you feel like you're getting that hug that you get where you feel like you can't breathe because it's so strong, that's the hug you get when you come to Colt and that makes me proud because that's unique."

Promoting inclusion and diversity

Keri believes that being a female leader with Colt and within the industry comes with a lot of responsibility, but at the same time there is a lot of opportunity.

She is passionate about promoting Inclusion and Diversity, leading Colt’s Diversity Council to ensure the company is a business where everyone feels they can bring their true selves to work. Keri brings this passion to the wider industry, also supporting external mentoring and coaching initiatives.

"In order to change the face of the industry, to embrace the diversity around us and to ensure that every voice is included regardless of what gender, what race, it doesn't really matter, it's that diversity of thought, and I truly believe that within Colt," she says.

For the CEO, connectivity is at the heart of everything that she does.

"It's the connection with my family and my kids, it's the connection with the community, with the environment, it's connecting technology with business and enabling that to be so powerful that it ultimately changes the way that we engage, and we embrace the world," she comments.

An impressive career journey

Before becoming Colt's CEO, Keri was Colt’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), leading global teams across sales, presales and marketing, as well as working closely with the wider organisation to ensure Colt delivered for its customers.

Prior to joining Colt, Keri held several leadership roles at Ciena, including its Vice President and General Manager EMEA, responsible for guiding Ciena’s EMEA service provider and enterprise customers, as well as partners. Prior to Ciena, Keri worked in multiple roles for Lucent Technologies, and she has also worked for Hughes Aircraft as a Network Engineer.

Keri has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Management Information Systems (MIS) from New Mexico State University.

Born in Leadville, Colarado, Keri lives in London with her husband and two children - and is based at Colt’s head office in London.

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