Hear from talented women working for Colt in Germany

Hear from talented women working for Colt in Germany

 April 27, 2023

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Colt Technology Servces brings together amazing people, intelligent networks and like-minded partners on a global scale to create solutions that put the power of the digital universe in the hands of the company's customers.

Colt's people are defined by their ability to make things happen and deliver on their promises, supporting their colleagues to do an exceptional job.

Hear from the women working with Colt in Frankfurt, Germany explain what it's like working with Colt, the global digital infrastructure company that delivers extraordinary connections with genuine care.

A creative working environment for employees

Colt's global teams are full of ambitious, driven people, all working together towards one shared purpose, to put the power of the digital universe in the hands of customers wherever, whenever and however they want. Colt gives its people the opportunity to inspire and lead teams, and work on projects that connect people, cities, businesses and ideas.

Colt's employees like to tell it like it is, they are not creatures of habit but instead are hungry to learn more about the company's customers, and its business. This is reflected in how and where employees work as Colt offers a creative working environment for its employees across Europe, Asia and the U.S.

Whether it’s a customer, a partner, or an employee, Colt builds relationships based on trust, honesty, respect, and integrity.

"Colt is one of the main providers in Europe for high bandwidth network services," says Colt Head of Human Resources, Corinna Greis.

"We have over 800 data centers around the world," comments Colt Senior Legal Advisor, Martina Emrich.

Encouraging collaboration within teams

By the Colt office being right in the center of Frankfurt, it's a great place to be as there is just a short distance to all the company's customers by being in the financial area. Colt's salespeople have a good opportunity to have a close look at the company's customers within the city.

There are many peers within the cybersecurity industry, meaning that Colt is able to discuss and connect with them. There is also a good community within Frankfurt, meaning that Colt employees have the opportunity to talk to people.

"The Colt Frankfurt office is quite central, when you want to go out for lunch, for example, to a coffee shop, there are lots of places to go around," says Martina.

"The city is a metropolitan city, but it's not that huge, so you can walk quite a lot, there are very nice smaller parts of the city, many different districts, so you do have a lot of variety," explains Corinna.

Colt is committed to empowering its people

Colt is a company that encourages collaboration, working together and helping one another out. It's the most encouraging environment because employees know that they have people they can trust.

"If you love empowerment, if you love doing things differently, if you have ideas, if you are very creative, Colt gives you a chance," concludes Martina.

Embark on a rewarding career with a prime employer for women

Colt people come together across the globe to create intelligent solutions.

Be empowered to debate, discuss, listen and share ideas, all in the pursuit of solutions for Colt's customers and business.

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