Colts Hannah Evans is committed to developing early talent

Colt's Hannah Evans is committed to developing early talent

 February 02, 2024

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Colt knows that early talent infuses the company with energy and keeps Colt thinking of new ways to serve its customers.

Meet Colt HR Enablement Specialist, Hannah Evans. Through her role with Colt, Hannah is committed to developing an Employee Network that enables young professionals early in their careers to connect with one another and build networks across the world.

Developing young talent via Employee Network

Before joining Colt’s graduate scheme in 2020, Hannah had dreamed of moving to London and working in a busy office with lots of after-work socials. Instead, it was the pandemic, and Hannah was working from home.

"Colt is a friendly place, but I felt that I hadn’t maximized the experience and met as many of my colleagues as I’d hoped," shares Hannah.

Due to feeling like she hadn't maximized her experience yet with Colt, Hannah wanted to set up an Employee NetworkNext@Colt, for people early in their career.

"It aims to bring together people globally to build connections, develop young talent and give back to the community. While the network is aimed at those who are early in their career, it’s open to everyone," says Hannah.

Building friendships and networks across the globe

Colt's people can join the Employee Network, build friendships and create networks within the business, whether they joined Colt through the Early Careers, via graduate and apprenticeship programmes, or any other junior role.

"Working with Alex Hird and Noah Miles, two friends who were in my graduate cohort, we launched in January 2023 and now have over 230 people in the network, which is growing daily," explains Hannah.

"At our face-to-face launch event in London, it was great to speak to people who I hadn’t met before. We also have representatives in eight countries and host local in-person and global virtual events, so I’ve met lots of people from across the world."

Staying connected with Colt colleagues

Hannah was offered the opportunity to move to Belgium with Colt, something that she was really excited about.

"Moving from the large head office to a smaller office in Belgium, I’m glad that I have the opportunity to stay connected with Colties across the world through Next@Colt," says Hannah.

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