Interns at Caterpillar are celebrated on National Intern Day

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Caterpillar celebrated their interns for National Intern Day

National Intern Day provides a fantastic opportunity to celebrate interns on July 26. It is a day of celebration for companies seeking to recognize and acknowledge the impressive work of their interns. Interns are often more junior staff, typically those who are still studying toward qualifying degrees and higher education at university, who take on short, temporary assignments with larger organisations, to boost their knowledge and learn new skills.

Caterpillar values the accomplishments of interns and does everything it can as a progressive company to support interns in gaining as much from their career experience as possible.

Courtney Meyer and Erin Hill enjoy meaningful career development at Caterpillar as interns.

Courtney Meyer and Erin Hill are communications interns at Caterpillar from Corinth, Mississippi. The company is thankful for its interns who help build a better world.

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Caterpillar intern, Courtney Jackson, would one day like to open a STEM center for youth in disadvantaged areas.

Courtney Jackson is studying mechanical engineering and currently works as an Engineering Intern at the Griffin, GA facility. “ In 4 short weeks, she has gained the trust & respect of the assemblers on the line & the team is fully engaged,” said one Caterpillar manager. Some day Courtney plans on opening a STEM center for youth in disadvantaged areas, to raise awareness of career paths and nurture potential. We love your ambition Courtney, keep up the good work!

National Interns Day

Natalie Konopka enjoys her internship at Caterpillar.

"I'm having an amazing summer working at Caterpillar as a communications intern. I can't wait to continue working alongside the people who build a better world!" says Natalie Konopka.

Caterpillar national intern day

Jackie Lawler is an intern at global company, Caterpillar.

Jackie Lawler is studying Supply Chain Management at Iowa State University and is a Procurement intern working in Undercarriage at Caterpillar. She's courageous and a risk taker - great strengths to have.

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