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Caterpillar employees are at the heart of communities

 August 02, 2018

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It is often said that a company is only as good as its people. And at Caterpillar, the people are most certainly exceptional.

Caterpillar is one of the Fortune World’s most admired companies for the 17th consecutive year, and has placed on the Fortune 500 list for 24 consecutive years. Impressive achievements indeed. But on an individual level, the efforts and achievements of Caterpillar employees in their communities around the world, are simply outstanding.

Caterpillar recognizes the need to celebrate diversity and the uniqueness of each individual member while ensuring the inclusion of the individual’s ideas and contributions. They are committed to ensuring their workplace is diverse and representative of the many customers they serve around the world. Caterpillar believes that when employees with different opinions, experiences and backgrounds come together, they help their customers build a better world.

Caterpillar Dubai celebrates Ramadan by donating food

Caterpillar Dubai Ramadan
Ramadan is a time for Muslims around the world to reflect on blessings and observe self-restraint. It’s also a time for communities to come together and give back via charitable donations to those in need.

The Caterpillar team in Dubai joined the Ramadan Sharing Fridges campaign and worked together to fill 17 fridges in two days across the country with fruit, juice, water, milk and snacks for those in need. This is the third year that the Caterpillar team has been involved in the campaign, giving back to those in need whilst themselves fasting in extreme heat.

Managing Director, Mubeen Khan, said, “We often find opportunities to contribute towards some amazing causes, but the Ramadan Fridge campaign allows our team to also get out in the community to witness the difference these contributions impact people’s lives. This is our third year participating as an office and the team looks forward to bringing smiles to the faces of those in need.”

Caterpillar Singapore donates 2000 bags of rice

Caterpillar social innovation

Nearly 400 Caterpillar employees from 57 teams and four facilities across Singapore took part in a corporate challenge over three and a half months that saw their steps converted into bags of rice to donate across the country to families in need.

In total, Caterpillar’s teams walked more than 380 million steps and each employee who participated contributed an additional bag of rice to the families of Singapore. The event was hosted to enhance the employee experience and increase engagement - because Caterpillar believes that “there’s more to work than just the work itself.”

Caterpillar Young Professionals win ‘outstanding new chapter, North America’

Caterpillar Young Professionals

Since its inception in December 2016, Lafayette Young Professionals has grown to reach 70 members and hosted events that inspire professional development, encourage networking among co-workers, and instil the responsibility to give back to greater Lafayette through community outreach. These outstanding achievements have earned them the coveted title of Outstanding New Chapter for the North American Region.

As part of their community outreach Lafayette YP have inspired young people to learn about careers in STEM, which led to a partnership with the Imagination Station science center. The science center is dedicated to providing science related hands-on learning experiences for children. During the Lafayette Engine Center’s 35th Anniversary Celebration, Lafayette YP and Imagination Station hosted a variety of hands on experiences for employees and their families to interact with and enjoy.

As the headline sponsor for Imagination Station’s 16th Annual Hands on Transportation event - the YP group provided children an opportunity to interact with unique vehicles, including Cat equipment. With Caterpillar’s support, the event raised the most money to date and had the largest participation with over 1,500 people in attendance.

Monthly socials provide an opportunity to get to know co-workers from various departments throughout the enterprise in a casual setting outside of work. Through a demonstration led by YP co-chair, members were able to learn the capabilities of the 3-D printers, and how they are currently being used in the large power business.

The Lafayette YP group also discovered an opportunity to impact the business by enhancing the internship experience within the facility and began hosting welcome lunches for incoming interns to introduce them to those within the company.

Get inspired by Caterpillar talent

To be a technology and innovation industry leader, you need the best minds generating ideas, listening and responding. Their goal is to create a diverse, inclusive and safe environment where all employees can thrive. As a truly inclusive global employer, Caterpillar is seeking talented candidates to join their inspiring teams around the world and enjoy their exciting and progressive career opportunities.

Search and apply to join the Caterpillar family today and see where your career will take you.

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