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Women apprentices at Arcadis provide fresh insight

Women apprentices at Arcadis provide fresh insight

Cath Greaves, Client Development Director ES&I comments that "By taking advantage of the talent coming through the government's Apprenticeship programme and creating an Environmental and Safety Apprentices training programmes to cover key skills and client need, Arcadis is building a new core of talent for the sector." 

"Diversity in age is bringing a new dimension to our team and I have been really pleased to witness how a range of academic experience provides real and positive challenge to conventional thinking. It challenges the limitations of ‘group think’.  I have also seen enhanced digital and technological skills across our teams, which we are using to increase productivity and plug some of the gaps the skills shortage is throwing up," comments Cath.

New insight, new perspectives

Arcadis has also identified a further route to young talent. The Arcadis Global Excellence Centres (GECs) bring new insight, new perspectives and are part of the company's diverse ‘One Team’ approach.

"The GECs have been supporting excellence in delivery from an engineering perspective for many years. The opportunity to embrace the talent within the GECs from a consultancy perspective is part of the solution to the UK talent shortage. Our global Environment and Safety business has now fully embraced the value that engaging with specialists from around the world, including in our GECs, can bring to create teams that think differently, create solutions differently but always meet client expectations,"explains Cath. "Benefits are wide-ranging, from diversity in thinking to flexible delivery. It is a true one team approach."

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