Schneider Electric supports its people through internal mobility

Schneider Electric supports its people through internal mobility

 September 18, 2018

Many companies provide great incentives to lure new employees into the organization. They also understand that it's pivotal to offer a purposeful and fulfilling role, suported by lots of  with opportunities for growth and development. Internal mobility is often a great strategy for engaging employees - this is when employees shift from one organizational unit to a different one, and performing different activities.

Schneider Electric offers a comprehensive Internal Mobility program where their employees are provided with flexibility and a range of opportunities to change roles within the company and gain new experience.

Here are some great internal mobility tips

  • Be mobile
    Move to a different location in a different role. Venture out of your comfort zone and gain a broader and deeper experience that provides an opportunity to learn and grow. Explore new avenues, face new challenges and get acclimatized to a different culture. 
  • Fail forward and believe in yourself
    Learn from your failures and grow from them. Believe in yourself, count your wins and move forward.
  • Be cognizant of the fact everything you've learnt in your previous roles can be useful
    Pursue interests even when you don’t have visibility of how things might shape up or know what the value of the experience yields. 
  • Stay invested in your work  and play to win
    There are often fresh new challenges to accomplish, and perhaps new teams have expectations where you once again have to prove yourself. Stay committed to your work and be ready for travelling the extra mile again and again.
  • Have fun at work
    Fun working environments build trusts, increases communication and enhances creativity. Fun at work can help build great friendships  which in-turn results in having a stronger fall-back system. 

Join Schneider Electric to discover the endless possibilities

Schneider Electric is always looking for talents to join them at one of their global offices, offering a wide range of opportunities from engineering to customer services. Check out their job openings now.

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