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Diversity is key to success for Amazon

Diversity is key to success for Amazon

 September 24, 2018

As a global leader in e-commerce, Amazon is one of the most customer-centric company. Clients rely on Amazon for convenient access to millions of products which might have travelled round the world to their doorstep.In Amazon Business, where the talented teams provide purchasing solutions for businesses to shop for their supplies on Amazon, a diverse workforce is key to satisfy the needs of a global clientale.

Diversity helps problem solving

The Amazon Business team operates with a startup mentality to solve complex, large-scale challenges and provides innovative solutions across multiple devices, marketplaces, and regions.

"Amazon Business is like a startup within Amazon, where you get the excitment to roll up your sleeves and learn everything about everything.  You will grow as professional and as a person. You will have the some of the best colleagues from around the world who represent the entire globe," Sherri, senior product manager shares.

"Diversity is a very broad term," says Neha, Senior manager of software development. "And not just including diversity in general like race or ethnicity. It includes diversity in thoughts, experience and education. Having diverse teams allow us to think creatively, when we are thinking of different ways of solving problems."

"Diversity and inclusion combines is what makes innovation," says Tania, senior customer advisor - government. "That's the part of the team that makes the dream work."

Diversity supports individual growth

Employees at Amazon Business are treasured as unique individuals who bring in their own perspectives. With the strong inclusive culture in Amazonians' mindsets, ideas are endorsed, accepted and challenged to build up their professional knowledge.

"We ensure all voices are heard, not just the loudest voices in the room," says Diana, Senior manager of professional services. "Amazon has also provided me the opportunity to meet senior women in small settings, which is fabulous."

Join the global team at Amazon Business

Amazon is always looking for talented people to join their teams. They offer a wide range of opportunities from data science to marketing. Have a look at their current job vacancies and start a career that will enrich your professional and personal growth.

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