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F5s Archita Mandal gave inspiring talk at Grace Hopper event

F5's Archita Mandal gave inspiring talk at Grace Hopper event

 September 25, 2018

Archita Mandal, Manager of Technical Communications at F5 Networks, led an inspiring talk at the Grace Hopper Celebration, a large-scale networking and careers event that aims to shatter the perception about women technologists and to encourage diversity in the industry. F5 was a gold sponsor at the event which attracts many thousands of women technologists each year and is the largest event of its kind. 

"Honored to be speaking at Grace Hopper 2018. 'Tech: More than Coding' is a topic close to my heart. Look forward to being in a panel with these amazing women," announced Archita.

Archita at F5 Networks is a leading woman in technology

As Manager of Technical Communication, Archita leads and manages a team of writers in developing content for security products at F5. Archita was previously F5's Principal Technical Writer and Content Strategist.

Archita describes herself as "an idea generator and storyteller." She is a content expert with over 15 years of experience who applies design thinking, product innovation and a customer first approach to all her projects. Archita is passionate about building and scaling product and design, and works to bcreate brand value through engaging content while driving business objectives. 

Talking about women in technology

At GHC, Archia joined a panel of women experts in technology: Kavita Mittal, Group Product Manager at Adobe Cloud Technology; Lucy Mou, UX Designer at SAP; Connie Hu, CEO and Co-Founder of ArcBotics; and Michelle Wan, Manager of Software Development Application at Workday.

Their session explored alternative areas in the technology field other than programming. They shared details about their roles, educational backgrounds and career paths that led them to product management, UX/UI design, technical writing, and tech entrepreneurship and more - all with the intention of encouraging more women professionals of all backgrounds to consider diverse opportunities.

Inspiring women to pursue a career in technology

F5 and Archia's role at GHCwere important for inspiring women to pursue a career in technology. According to a survey of the most recent GHC event, 92% of attendees felt motivated by the role models they encountered, like Archia.

"I have never seen so many women who embody excellence and a passion for computing in one place," said Sisipho Zinja, Computer Science Major at University of Rochester. "In the same breath, I have never seen so many companies gathered to increase their diversity numbers so actively and collaboratively. As a black girl who is not always represented in faculty, this has been a refreshing and empowering experience that will stay with me for a long time."

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Join talented women like Archia at F5

F5 Networks values diversity across its workforce and actively encourages talented female candidates to search and apply for exciting career opportunities in global locations such as Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Seattle, Singapore and more.

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