Having grown up in her family's construction business, Jana Mitchell relished the opportunity to work for her dream employer, Caterpillar

Jana enjoys the pride she feels from working at Caterpillar

Jana enjoys the pride she feels from working at Caterpillar

When Jana Mitchell graduated from college with a degree in education she began the hunt for her dream job. Little did she know that her career was about to take an unexpected path with Caterpillar.

Caterpillar provided the perfect work opportunity for Jana

During her search for work in her home town of Texas, Jana heard some exciting news. A Caterpillar facility was being built close to her home. This was a company that Jana new well since childhood having grown up in the family construction business. Working for Caterpillar gave Jana the perfect opportunity to put her education degree to work in an industry she loved. Today, she teaches and mentors others in her role as Inventory Control Analyst. She says: "What I love most about being a Caterpillar employee is the feeling I get when I see Caterpillar machinery all around and the pride I feel to know that I am part of it all." 

Jana developed a passion for community involvement thanks to Caterpillar

Jana has learnt a great deal since she started working for Caterpillar. Through her involvement with Caterpillar’s Employee Resource Group (ERG), the Armed Forces Support Network (AFSN) she has been introduced to many different cultures and ways of life, including the armed forces. Although she doesn't have a military background, the armed forces has become a passion of hers.

In particular, one event had a big impact on her. The AFSN created a “Hero Wall of Honor” in a local facility to pay tribute to men and women in the armed forces. The wall listed their names, ranks and branches on a plaque and took lots of hard work and planning to pull off. The entire project was unveiled at a ceremony in from of her entire plant.

Caterpillar’s commitment to diversity

Caterpillar has a very strong commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It recognizes the need to celebrate the true uniqueness of each individual member while ensuring the inclusion of the individual’s ideas and contributions. Through its ERG’s employees are able to explore different interests, get involved in the community and grow alongside other Caterpillar employees. These groups provide opportunities for personal and professional development and help drive innovation. Membership of a Resource Group is voluntary and open to all Caterpillar employees.

Work for top employer Caterpillar

If you want to join Jana and work for a company that champions diversity and inclusion, check out Caterpillar’s current job openings.

Like Jana, you too could find your dream job.

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