BD c elebrates Day of the Girl and highlights its partnership with 'Together for Girls' that aims to end violence against girls

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BD addresses issues affecting women and girls worldwide

BD addresses issues affecting women and girls worldwide

To show its support for women’s issues on the Day of the Girl, global medical technology company, BD reinforced its role as a founding partner of Together for Girls. This global public-private partnership is dedicated to ending violence against children, in particular focusing on sexual violence against girls.

Working across the globe to end violence to girls

The organisation is currently active in 22 countries around the world in Africa, Asia, Central America and the Caribbean. It aims to raise awareness and promote evidence-based solutions to end violence against girls. It hopes that by collating quality, comprehensive data it can better understand the problem, guide effective polices and programmes and spur action. It envisions a future world where every child, adolescent and young person is safe, protected and thriving.

Using data and survey results, Together for Girls offers a solution

Together for girls found that girls and women are at risk from multiple forms of violence across their life course including child marriage, dating violence, sexual and gender based violence and corporal punishment. By conducting national surveys Together for Girls documents the magnitude, nature and impact of physical, emotional and sexual violence against girls and boys so it can inform government leaders and communities. Led by UNICEF, it then uses the data collected to action a programme to address the issues including legal policy reform and improved services for girls and boys who have experienced violence as well as setting up prevention programmes.

Make a difference with BD

If you want to join a company that is making a difference to the lives of women and girls across the globe, join BD. It has a range of roles and positions across the business aimed at advancing the world's health so search and apply today. 

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