Yolanda at Oracle says to achieve success she is positive, persistent, focused, extends gratitude and surrounds herself with people she aspires to

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Join Oracle’s brilliant "Class of" Program like Yolanda did

Join Oracle’s brilliant "Class of" Program like Yolanda did

 October 18, 2018

Do you know about Oracle's Class of Program? It is well worth applying for if you're a recent college graduate.  

Oracle’s Class of Program is focused on teaching recent college graduates the fundamentals of business across many departments and disciplines. Oracle is focused on helping top talent reach its full potential: the goal is to help develop your professional career within Oracle, and beyond. As part of 'Class Of' you’ll work in a dynamic and high-energy environment, learning from and collaborating with some of the sharpest minds in the industry.

Oracle’s Class of Program immerses participants in the software, systems, and cloud technologies that are helping to shape the world today, and tomorrow.

Let's hear from Yolanda at Oracle who found the Class Of program a fabulous career move.

Yolanda's career is thriving at Oracle

Yolanda is a regional manager for sales development, Oracle, based out of the Austin hub. Throughout her four years at Oracle, she has grown professionally and made tremendous strides in her sales and leadership skills.

A graduate of the University of Texas, Austin, she says, “As an Oracle Class Of program alum, I started my career journey as a sales development rep in the Small-to-Medium Business organization and then continued my passion for sales as an Oracle Digital sales rep when joining Oracle’s National Tech Sales organization.” Yolanda proudly adds. “More recently, I was promoted into management, where I can make a difference in developing our next generation of sales professionals.”

Throughout her career journey, Yolanda offers five principles for achieving success:

  • Positivity
  • Persistence
  • Focus
  • Gratitude
  • Surrounding yourself with people you want to be like

As far as offering professional advice, Yolanda recommends, “Pave your own path and learn something new every day. Being a lifelong learner has helped me tremendously in my career and in overcoming adversities.”

Celebrating diversity at Oracle

For many Hispanic Americans, family is core. As a Latina, Yolanda’s family and leading by example for her two younger brothers are very important. She is also passionate about diversity issues - especially gender equality and helping other Hispanic women be successful - and is able to nurture this through our Oracle Latinos Alliance employee resources group.

As for her diversity-and-inclusion philosophy, Yolanda says, “Lead by example and be the change you want to see. Encouraging cultural diversity helps us to not only recognize but have respect for the way people live when they are different from us. It encourages us to interact with other people and groups of people in such a way that we are able to build trust, develop respect, and understand people from all backgrounds.”

Finally, when asked about her thoughts on this month’s recognition of the Hispanic American culture, Yolanda says, “Celebrating National Hispanic American Heritage Month at Oracle makes me feel proud. It means it’s another opportunity to share our Hispanic heritage story with each other and celebrate the many positive contributions Hispanic Americans have made and continue to make within the greater American narrative, our communities, and society as a whole.”

Join the talented women like Yolanda at Oracle

Ready to launch your sales career with Oracle? Apply now for Oracle's brilliant Class Of program.

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