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Women at Tyro create innovative solutions at Code Blitz

Women at Tyro create innovative solutions at Code Blitz

 October 25, 2018

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If you're interested in innovative technology, solving problems and working as a team, then you'll love Tyro's Code Blitz, which brings together their employees a few times a year. Tyro's Code Blitz has one mission – to innovate for its customers and solve their pain points in a collaborative way.

"One of the challenges of Code Blitz is that everyone has all these amazing ideas that they want to implement but we've only got two days," says Rachel, a Tyro employee who participated in Code Blitz.

Solving problems and helping customers

The theme of Code Blitz is 'Beyond Bearable' where Tyro's people take on things that are bothering them and try and address those issues. For example, Tyro employees were trying to solve a problem that their engineers are frequently exposed to. One of the solutions is developing a Chat Bot that can do everything and is deployed everywhere.

This links to Tyro's wider business aim, which is to look at the biggest problems that business owners have -  how their day to day is affected, how they're losing time and money - and then work on innovative solutions to help them make their businesses better.

Creating a strong team spirit

In the spirit of Code Blitz and Tyro's company ethics, Code Blitz was a collaborative effort, involving as many teams as possible from Finance to Customer Success. For Rachel, this is what she enjoyed most about this Code Blitz: working with a different group of people than she normally works with. 

"Code Blitz started five years ago and started off as an initiative within engineering to just solve problems for two days. It's kind of gone from strength to strength, but last Code Blitz we decided to make it bigger and we got the whole company involved," says Caitriona, another Tyro employee who got involved with Code Blitz.

A real focus on quality

Tyro's employees believe the future is very bright for the company. "Everyone at Tyro just has a real focus on quality both in terms of what we're building from a technical point of view but also in terms of wanting to build great products for our customers," says Rachel.

Join talented women like Rachel and Caitriona at Tyro

If you believe in the freedom to pursue new ideas and are looking to be part of a company that empowers its employees and values team spirit, why not find out how you could be part of Tyro today?


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