Participants in the 84.51° Development Program are leaders in the making who are recent grads, or early in their career and looking to change paths.

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Hop on the fast track with the 84.51° Development Program

Hop on the fast track with the 84.51° Development Program

Participants in the 84.51° Development Program are leaders in the making who are recent graduates or those outside of school looking to change career paths.

Over the course of several months, you’ll get the mentorship and support structure you need to become an industry whiz.

This program is for entry-level talent in Data Science & Analytics, Consulting or Engineering.

Start dates are in January and June, and employees in the program will be full-time.

Data Science & Analytics

This Program is a robust set of trainings that will take you from university graduate to data science professional.

Jump start - You’ll receive training on R, Python, data visualization, storytelling, and much more  - all while completing collaborative case studies to apply your skills to their data.

Data Science & Analysis pool - After your training, you’ll be given live projects from teams across the business to expose you to real work at 84.51° and determine your profile of skills so that they can place you in the best role for you at the program’s conclusion.

Role placement - After completing projects in the Data Science & Analysis Pool, they’ll place you in a role that aligns with your strengths, interests, and opportunities for development.

The Data Science & Analytics stream is for you if you:

  • enjoy diving into a dataset and presenting insights to a business audience
  • using statistical programming languages to solve a problem
  • have a passion for machine learning methodologies
  • are a coder who likes to focus on solution design & process automation
  • have been exploring coding languages such as R, Python or SQL


This Program is designed to develop best-in-class entry-level consultants that love turning data and insights into customer centric strategies, and guiding their clients through the activation process.

Jump start - You’ll receive a structured set of rigorous training and case study sessions to provide an understanding of who 84.51° is, what they do, and how they do it.

Value add squad - You will begin to deliver value through practical application of your Jump Start learning by working on a high volume and variety of real-life tactical projects.

Consulting workshop - Concurrent with Value Add Squad, you are given the opportunity to work on more strategic real-life projects. The objective of this phase is to increase your confidence in your transformational consulting skills to prepare you for your first role placement.

The Consulting stream is for you if you:

  • find your wondering what data lies behind business decisions
  • love getting to the root of the problem and are energized by changing the status quo
  • enjoy solving business problems by manipulating, interpreting and visualizing data
  • are constantly putting myself in situations that allow me to develop innovative ideas and lead others to bring them to life


This Program is designed to take engineers from introduction to familiarity with specific technologies used by 84.51° and encourage growth in best practices regarding developing  enterprise quality software.

Jump start - You’ll receive training in the modern technologies used by 84.51° to build enterprise software that turns data into insights, as well as the best practices that separates a “software engineer” from a “programmer”.

Agile delivery team - Concurrent with Jump Start, you will be placed on a development team to solve our current business problems by using pair programming, brown bag sessions, a variety of training resources, and each other.

The Engineering stream is for you if you:

  • enjoy building software that simplifies complex processes into a simple and clean user experience
  • want to make applications more helpful by embedding AI
  • want to enable AI and other data science to be more effective by providing even more diverse data assets to train on
  • are looking for a collaborative, team-based environment using open source technologies

How will you make your impact?

84.51° is always looking for naturally curious people who want to collaborate and stimulate their brains. They energize us and make the company better. They’re innovators who make sure that 84.51° is always a few steps ahead of the industry. Regardless of where your skill set lies, 84.51° is are a strong team of problem solvers, learners and leaders.

Now all that’s left to decide is how you’ll make your impact

Which 84.51° development program track is right for you?

If you identify with one of the above Development Program tracks, 84.51° will love to hear from you so contact the team and learn more about joining this outstanding company.

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