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Strong values at 84.51° drive innovation and performance

 November 15, 2018

84.51° employees live and breathe the company's values - always!

A spirit of "Limitless Minds, Fearless Hearts and Relentless Delivery" drives everything 84.51° does.

They use a proprietary suite of tools and technology to uncover relevant customer patterns, and are committed to helping clients develop, nurture and embrace customer-driven relationships. They believe if you utilize sophisticated science, the result will be amazing customer experiences that drive real business growth.

Probably one of the most important things about the company's values themselves at 84.51° is that they weren't derived from people just sitting in a room deciding what they thought was most important - but rather the 84.51° vaues were identified from watching the people who  make up the company.

84.51° has strong teams and they are very proud that their people are willing to stand up for what they believe in, regardless of any level or hierarchy.

84.51° has a culture that strongly supports what's right. their three core values relate to:

  • limitless minds
  • fearless hearts
  • relentless delivery

No matter how long you've been working for the company, all employees' opinions are valued and they matter. There's always a lot of support and encouragement from peers - even encouraging managers to push boundaries and take further steps. The company has a very transparent culture - and there is always great energy and camaraderie.

Action and mindsets that drive success

"Fearless hearts is my favorite of the values and I like the fact that we use the word "heart". It's a very emotional word right becuase you make an emotional connection with someone when you talk about their heart. We think about the end game, so I continually push my team to talk about the actions that are going to change behaviors," explains 84.51° CEO, Stuart Aitken.

When it comes to the 84.51°' value that relates to "limitless minds" everyone has an opinion - and 84.51° values everyone's opinion becuase diversity of thought is collectively amazing.

"If any one of our three values are missing, we miss that magic moment so we all have to be thinking about how we ensure all three values are incorporated all the time, ensuring that we deliver on that fearless heart, and ensuring that we do deliver on that unbelievable creativity that we exhibit all the time," says Stuart.

Congruent values are important 

So if you're inspired by the 84.51° values, then why not look into learning more about the company to see where your slkills and experience might best fit.

84.51° is made up of many disciplines and functions that work together on missions to solve the needs of customers and clients. They are always on the look for naturally curious people to make them better. They’re always a few steps ahead and want to collaborate and stimulate their brains. 

Search and apply for one of their very exciting jobs today.

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