Nottingham Trent University women work to make a difference

Nottingham Trent University women work to make a difference

 December 04, 2018

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Dr Shelly Clark is a Principal Lecturer and Leader of the Personalisation Project at Nottingham Trent University's Business School. She came to Nottingham Trent University's Business School because she was attracted by its commitment to put its students at the centre of everything.

"You can actually see the difference you're making here," says Shelly.

A fast-moving environment

Shelly was often frustrated by not being able to make a real impact at other institutions. She then became aware of the changes taking place at Nottingham Trent University and could see that the Business School was rapidly gaining an excellent reputation.

In the two years Shelly has been at Nottingham Trent University, she's had different roles, which for Shelly is a measure of how quickly things can move at the University. Having initially come in to look at the postgraduate personalisation project, she now leads the personalisation project across the whole Business School.

"The opportunity, and encouragement, to apply for this bigger role came quickly – which gave me a lot of confidence," adds Shelly.

Making an impact in her work

What Shelly appreciates the most about Nottingham Trent University is that not only can she have an impact in her work and make a difference, but she can see it happening.

"Suggestions are listened to and good ideas are supported, resourced and enabled, with real commitment from the leadership team. There’s also an authentic desire to make things better for the students," explains Shelly.

A strong culture of support

Another thing Shelly appreciates about Nottingham Trent University is that there are no barriers to leadership aspirations and no blame culture. Shelly explains that if a project doesn’t go as well as planned, you’ll get constructive feedback and all the support you need for your next project. 

"It’s a fast moving, fast paced environment," adds Shelly. "And if you want to make an impact, there’s nowhere better to be."

Make an impact in your work like Shelly at Nottingham Trent University

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