Suzanne shares how BD is bridging the skills gap, improving employee wellbeing and adapting to different generations within the workforce

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BDs Suzanne McDermott discusses workplace evolution

BD's Suzanne McDermott discusses workplace evolution

The future of work is a big topic impacting employers, so HR partner at BD Suzanne McDermott shared her thoughts on the evolution of workplaces, how to adapt to change in attracting and retaining talent - and how all this applies to BD as a company.

Suzanne believes that the war on talent has made the whole employment market far more competitive. “Companies are being forced to look at how they both attract and retain highly sought-after talent,” she commented. “Companies need to look how they are offering employees continuous upskilling and development.”

And as a medtech company, BD is certainly in a strong position to provide employees with meaning and purpose in their work because the company contributes to illness management and prevention - an important and meaningful purpose.

Recruiting and retaining talent is a key priority for BD and is integrated in every part of their business strategy. “We must meet the needs of the business by ensuring key resources are in place to deliver our business objectives. Key priorities for the year ahead are employee engagement, employee wellbeing, and reward and recognition," suggests Suzanne.

Bridging the skills gap

BD is working towards helping to bridge the skills gap in their journey to attract and retain talent. “Ireland has been extremely successful in developing itself as an internationally renowned centre for medical technology and, in this regard, we are well positioned to continue to attract talented individuals to Ireland," explains Suzanne. “With Ireland’s economy continuing to grow, it’s important that we are planning for a shortage of specialised skills, and look at how we can utilise a more flexible model - for example, contract/contingent working," she adds.

Improving employee wellbeing

BD understands that to attract and retain talent, improving work-life balance and employee wellbeing are key. "We know that a strong work-life balance, with flexibility and a focus on wellness, are all sought-after benefits," explains Suzanne.

BD is improving learning and well-being opportunities, yet knows there is always more more to do. “We need to offer enriching work assignments and experiences in order to engage and retain our employees."

Adapting to each generation

BD knows it must adapt to each generation within the workforce from baby boomers to millennials. “Companies need to be prepared to embrace all generations and we need to be considerate of what we are offering in terms of the best work experience for all employees," explains Suzanne.

And the key to making this all work? Communication. “We try to focus on leadership development on a continual basis. Leaders who are equipped to engage and give regular feedback are of paramount importance to us in running successful teams," adds Suzanne.

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