Tamara L. Schock leads all accounting operations at MetLife

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MetLife names new Executive VP and Chief Accounting Officer

MetLife names new Executive VP and Chief Accounting Officer

Tamara L. Schock changes positions to join the many impressive women at top employer MetLife as their Executive Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer. 

Tamara will lead all accounting operations, such as broadcasting MetLife’s financial results, and s based in New York City.

“Tammy’s strong leadership and extensive financial experience across a variety of industries will serve MetLife and our shareholders well,” said John McCallion, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at MetLife. “We look forward to Tammy joining MetLife.” 

An exciting career

Prior to MetLife, Tamara worked as Chief Financial Officer at the Exchange Income Corporation, a company that specializes in aviation, aerospace and manufacturing.

Tamara was also previously a partner at Deloitte where she worked for 19 years in the insurance, banking and asset management sectors.

Tamara has a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance from the University of Saskatchewan and is a Chartered Professional Accountant.

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