Career Choice is an employee support programme that sees Amazon contribute towards employees' tuition fees

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Amazon supports employee education with new programme

Amazon supports employee education with new programme

 December 17, 2018

Amazon believes everyone should have the opportunity to learn new skills and build their career – whether that means at Amazon or elsewhere. That is why Amazon have set up Career Choice, an innovative employee support program where Amazon will contribute up to 95 percent of tuition fees for courses linked to in-demand fields, whether or not the skills relate to a job at Amazon. 

"Just the fact that Amazon is providing those opportunities is really worth its weight in gold. There's no other better benefit than education and Amazon's giving that back. I just think it's amazing," says a participant in the Amazon Career Choice programme.

How does it work?

Amazon will pay up to 95% of tuition and fees towards a certificate or diploma in qualified fields of study, leading to in-demand jobs. Amazon strives to make the programme as accessible as possible for participants by holding many classes in rooms at Amazon facilities. That way, Amazon employees don't have to leave the workplace to study, which makes going back to school a whole lot easier. 

Reach your career goals

Since the program's launch, more than 10,000 Amazon employees worldwide have taken part in Career Choice to reach their career goals. Amazon employees are pursuing degrees in fields such as game design and visual communications, nursing, IT programming and radiology. Top chosen fields of study for Amazon employees are computer and information technology, health and sciences, and accounting.

Take that first step in your future

"Our hope for the future of the career choice program is that we'll continue to inspire associates to think big about their futures, to invest in themselves, to discover their passions or pursue the passions that they've held for a long time," adds an Amazon Career Choice representative. "We're very proud to be able to do that and we expect that to grow. We expect more associates to discover this program and to make that first step in their future."

Join Amazon and be supported in your career

At Amazon, everyone is empowered to share new ideas and to contribute their own unique special talents and abilities to the company. Search and apply for an amazing career with Amazon today.

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