Tina Mylon applauds Schneider Electrics family leave policy

Tina Mylon applauds Schneider Electric's family leave policy

 December 19, 2018

Tina Mylon is the Senior Vice President, Talent and Diversity at Schneider Electric. She shares her thoughts on Schneider Electric’s Global Family Leave Policy and the company’s commitment in general to diversity and inclusion

An equal chance for success and growth

For Tina, the tagline for Schneider Electric’s global family leave policy – ‘manage your unique life and work’ – is very relevant in today’s global, diverse and constantly changing world. Schneider Electric employees are diverse —from over 100 countries, from 5 generations, from all genders and backgrounds.

“Our Diversity and Inclusion ambition is to value and support all our ‘unique’ lives and to create a place where we have equal opportunities for everyone everywhere. No matter where a person comes from, they should have an equal chance for success and growth at Schneider Electric,” says Tina.

Striving to build a truly inclusive place

That’s why Schneider Electric launched its Global Family Leave Policy in September 2017. According to Tina, the policy has received positive feedback both within the company and beyond. The policy’s primary aim is inclusivity to support the wide range of leave needs of employees, from new parents (including adoptive parents) to bereavement to caring for the sick or elderly. Tina explains that Schneider Electric are also committed to providing full paid leave across over 100 countries in which Schneider Electric operate.

“We have a lot more work to do to reach our ambition. Every day we strive to build a truly inclusive place where everyone can be at their best in their unique life and work, because that’s good for business and good for our people,” says Tina.

“Whether you are single professional, a working mom trying to ‘do it all’ or a grandparent taking care of grandkids, we juggle many things to live the lives we want to live personally and professionally.”

Living her work every day

“I myself live this every day. Just recently, I spent a whirlwind day in San Francisco meeting with tech start-ups to understand the latest trends in digital HR, interviewing external talents to convince them to join Schneider, squeezing in a visit with my 103-year-old grandma and getting home to Boston in time to say goodnight to the kids,” says Tina.

“While some days feel like more work than life, I love the diversity of what I do and the empowerment to manage the mix as best as I see fit.”

Join talented women like Tina at Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric appreciates what makes you you — your talent within talent. Schneider Electric are a dynamic, global company looking for passionate people to help it innovate at every level; champions of safe, reliable, efficient, sustainable and connected energy for everyone.

Schneider Electric is keen for talented women to join them as one of their #SEGreatPeople.


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