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Mastercard's support for women returning to work is impressive

 September 10, 2015

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“You should never let someone else drive your career and expectations. You should never give up on your ambition and goals!” declares Melissa, a business leader in Customer Delivery Project Management at Mastercard.

After a three-year career break bringing up her two small children, Melissa felt that she'd struggle to get back into work at the same level of management, due the gap in her experience and the steep competition. "I was told by various peers to consider stepping down a level and decreasing my pay. I refused to accept that my caring responsibilities had been detrimental to my ability.”

Unfortunately a lot of mothers face this obstacle going back to work and this can be very demoralising given the fact they've spent years building up a successful career developing impressive skills and experience. Thankfully MasterCard recognises the obstacles many women face in returning to work and they've created a supportive working environment. “Mastercard's work culture supports a very healthy work/life balance. The company respectfully gives you the trust and respect to ‘get on with it’ and do a good job, but it also provides enough balance to have quality time with the family which is vital for employees to succeed in their careers,” Melissa points out.

A very diverse organisation

“Mastercard is a very diverse organisation and not a one size fits all approach, and welcomes a breadth and depth of skills, which is great! Some of the aspects that attracted me to Mastercard were its great brand globally, its strong presence in payments and technology, and also their vision to be innovative without compromising on security,” explains Melissa. “I've worked in the payments and technology industry for most of my career so I could see how my skills would clearly contribute to such a great company.”

As a Customer Delivery Project Manager, Melissa works on critical projects to do with new customers, products or technologies. It's her job to ensure all projects are well-managed and implemented to the highest of standards by dedicated project teams. With a decade of project management experience working in the payments and technology sector under her belt, Melissa is passionate about innovation and technology.

“I believe that Mastercard has a good retention rate with its employees and that the company is always seeking people who think outside the box and drive innovation - people who understand the payments and technology world and are looking to grow and excel in what they do,” says Melissa.

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