The women and men working at FDM are very supportive of their female colleagues and are brilliant role models, mentors and coaches

There are so many reasons why women enjoy working at FDM

So what thoughts do FDM women share about their own career journeys?

"The most important things I've learned during my time in the IT industry include the high level of perseverance. Don't be afraid to strive for your goals work hard and don't doubt yourself." 

"I've learned from writing code and from teaching other people how to write code that every assumption needs to be questioned, examined and submitted to rigorous testing."

"The IT industry is always changing so you're constantly having to learn new things."

What's great about working at FDM?

"FDM values women at all levels, there's also a lot of possibilities and opportunities to evolve during the company which is great."

"My manager is a woman and she is really really supportive of all the staff."

"The great thing about being a role model is that you can share your knowledge and watch someone develop to be the person that they didn't realize they could be but you always knew they could."

"It's very important to model respectful behaviour towards women colleagues, but it's even more important to model that behaviour to men trainees."

"Men have a hugely important role in helping to ensure we get more women into IT and into the workplace in general."

"I take great pleasure in being a role model at FDM. It gives me the ability to share the opportunities and experiences I've received through being here with our new, up-and-coming individuals coming through."

Great advice from the talented women at FDM

"The advice that I give to women who are entering a career, and I give to any woman, is to really be confident and to work hard - and by working hard you become confident."

"You should believe in yourself, believe in your capability - and above all don't underestimate yourself."

"Remove old barriers remove, all the hurdles that you will come across and just go for it."

"If you're excited about technology and IT in general, I say take a chance and do it, as we definitely need more women in the industry."

"The advice that I would give any women who's considering a career in IT is just go for it."

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