Anne-Marie discusses Amazon's inclusive workplace culture and the opportunities available for young women in the industry

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Amazons Anne-Marie explains why working at Amazon is unique

Amazon's Anne-Marie explains why working at Amazon is unique

 January 29, 2019

Anne-Marie Husser is Amazon’s France/Luxembourg HR Director. Anne-Marie shares her insights about working at Amazon and what is unique about the company's workplace culture.

Listening to her customers

Anne-Marie explains that her customers are two different sets of people: the end customer and her internal business clients. To better serve Amazon’s end customers, Anne-Marie listens to real stories and anecdotes from friends, family members, and people she meets outside of work.

“Nearly everything you hear about Amazon is either a good story to be proud of, an opportunity to better serve our customers, or a way to break perceptions. We must be open to what people experience or think about Amazon. We all strive to delight our customers and make their lives easier," says Anne-Marie. 

When it comes to her internal clients, Annie-Marie tries to listen to what’s happening in the business as much as possible. “We don’t manage processes, we manage people and our role in HR is to anticipate the people impact of business decisions as much as possible," Anne-Marie explains.

Harnessing people's superpowers

Anne-Marie reveals that she is happiest when people in her team use their own ‘super powers’ for success. “A ‘super power’ is something meaningful to me as an HR professional. Instead of insisting on what people need to develop, I would rather build on every individual strengths to create a successful team," says Anne-Marie. "If I use what people are best at, they are more engaged and they make a difference. I also use their skills in areas I know they are better at than me. Together, we do a better job for customers.”

Creating an inclusive culture

Anne-Marie also strives to create an inclusive culture, where each team uses their diverse perspectives to find solutions for customer problems.

“What matters more than diversity is inclusiveness. Diversity is the sum of different backgrounds, social origins, males, females and so on. Inclusiveness is how you combine diversity to bring the best outcomes," explains Anne-Marie.

Important career advice for young women

She’s often asked for advice on how young women should start their career, and she recommends that they should be vocal: About their successes, their talents, their career expectations and accept some things are not always perfect.

“If I had to give a piece of advice to new joiners, whether they are male or female, it would be to learn and be curious. Amazon is a great opportunity to evolve in a dynamic environment, surrounded by smart people where you can learn, experiment, and grow," adds Anne-Marie.

“I really encourage new joiners to feed their appetite to learn by getting away from their desks and by networking. Amazon is a unique place where we can learn almost infinitely. Take advantage of it.”

Join talented women like Anne-Marie at Amazon

Amazon is indeed a prime employer for women and is the right place for women with a pioneering spirit. Search and apply for your next career move with one of the largest and most recognisable brands in the world.

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