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Exciting career development for interns at Honeywell

Exciting career development for interns at Honeywell

People are the ultimate differentiator at Honeywell. That’s why students might find Honeywell on campus looking for top-performing learners to join the company in undergraduate internships and co-ops, MBA/Masters internships and full-time career positions.

Unleash your potential on Honeywell's global intern program

Honeywell focuses on attracting excellent talent as early as possible. Its global intern program provides the opportunity for you to:

  • participate in real-world projects
  • gain exposure to leadership
  • strengthen business skills

The relationship also offers Honeywell a chance to assess your potential fit and performance as a future full-time employee who can get meaningful work done for its customers. Internships can last from two to six months.

Meet Honeywell intern, Kalyna

Why should you consider an internship with Honeywell and a future in the engineering sector? 

Software Intern has Kalyna Reda shares her experiences about working at Honeywell and why she enjoys the mentoring.

Honeywell interns

“At Honeywell, my mentors are helping me build a great career as I continue to network and establish more connections. I’m excited about my current projects, all revolving around making work simpler. I have created process bots and chat bots to automate workflows, accomplish tasks and answer users’ questions. This ties into how I learned about the Honeywell User Experience (HUE), which is the team here that focuses on products and processes with the end user in mind. They help develop solutions leading to greater customer satisfaction. Along with my work in automation, I want to be able to make the user experience as great and seamless as possible," says Kalyna.

“Working here on challenging and fulfilling projects, along with my mentors, has inspired me to become a mentor. I have been teaching my 13-year-old female cousin how to code. She tells me about the coding clubs and projects at her school. Mentoring middle school girls has really opened my mind. As a woman in technology, I am passionate about being a role model for young female coders. I plan to continue mentoring others and will hopefully play a role in changing the technology work culture in the future. Sharing my experiences will hopefully lead others on a similar path to mine, by landing an internship with a company as amazing as Honeywell. Mentoring will continue to be my lifelong mission.”

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Find out more today and consider building your own career future with Honeywell.


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