The graduates at Honeywell are offered a chance to truly thrive via the Early Career Programs

Honeywell offers graduates opportunities to develop potential

Honeywell offers graduates opportunities to develop potential

There are a range of graduate options for enthusiastic early-career professionals at Honeywell, so start your career on one of their programs to fast-track your experience in your field.

Honeywell's programs include:

  • rotations that allow you to experience different businesses and regions
  • mentoring opportunities
  • visibility to and networking with senior leadership

Their early career programs include:

  • Future Finance Leaders
  • Pathways
  • Launch IT
  • Genesis
  • Commercial Leadership Program
  • Sales Development Program

Find out more about each of these exciting programs here.

Accelerate your learning after university

Hneywell's innovative early career programs are designed to accelerate learning as a recent graduate and participants have the opportunity to:

  • take on high-quality work assignments
  • be mentored by senior leadership
  • gain knowledge and experience specific to your career goals
  • opportunities are available within all of Honeywell’s Strategic Business Groups.

Are you a good fit for Honeywell as a graduate?

There are three must-haves to work at Honeywell:

  • the highest level of integrity
  • respect for all cultures, religious beliefs, and genders
  • a commitment to promoting diversity.

Darius Adamczyk, Honeywell's Chief Executive Officer says “you simply cannot work at Honeywell if you don’t live these three principles.”

“My intent is to create the best software-industrial company, which attracts, recruits, promotes, develops, and cultivates the best and most talented employees on the planet. We will drive an entrepreneurial culture which is bold yet thoughtful, and takes calculated risks to achieve superior results. I want each of our employees to improve every year and have a passion for winning. We also want to maintain customer intimacy in order to understand and solve our customers’ problems,” says Darius.

“We have to not only think big, but also deliver big. Honeywell may not be the employer for everyone - we want only the brightest and the best. At the same time that we foster a performance culture, we will ensure that we are inclusive and support diversity and operate at the highest level of integrity in everything we do.”

Start your career journey at Honeywell today

If the above sounds really exciting and you're keen to offer your fresh experience to the Honeywell team, then find out more today.


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