NSW Women of the Year Awards recognises the outstanding contribution of women across NSW

NSW celebrates the fabulous achievements of its women

NSW celebrates the fabulous achievements of its women

The NSW Women of the Year Awards recognise and celebrate the outstanding contribution made by women across NSW to industry, communities and society.

Recognising exceptional women in NSW

There are seven state-wide Award categories which include: NSW Premier's Woman of the Year that recognises NSW women who have excelled in their chosen career, field or passion. These women are exceptional achievers who have made a significant contribution to NSW and whose accomplishments make them a strong role model for other women.

NSW Aboriginal Woman of the Year celebrates Aboriginal women in NSW who have excelled in their chosen career, field or passion. These Aboriginal women are exceptional achievers who have promoted economic, cultural or social opportunities for Aboriginal people in NSW.

Community Hero honours heroes and/or volunteers who have made outstanding contributions to the community. These women are positive role models who inspire others to contribute to the community too. Meanwhile, Harvey Norman Young Woman of the Year recognises women aged 18 to 30 years who have excelled in their career or made a significant contribution to their community.

Rex Airlines Regional Woman of the Year celebrates women from regional NSW who have made significant achievements in areas that are important to regional or rural communities. NSW Business Woman of the Year highlights excellence in business in NSW. These women provide outstanding leadership and inspiration for other women to succeed. Finally, First State Super Lifetime Achievement rewards an outstanding woman who has dedicated her life towards the advancement of women in NSW.


Promoting and improving gender equality

These Awards are organised by Women NSW, an NSW Government Unit responsible for developing policy and strategy in areas of domestic and family violence and violence against women, women's equal rights and women's economic and social participation, and sexual assault and safety and justice for women.

Women NSW's purpose is to promote and improve gender equality by advancing the social, economic and political status of women in NSW of all cultures, ages and backgrounds. They achieve this by developing and implementing policies, programs and system reforms, developing and collecting performance and outcomes data, and coordinating the reporting of domestic and family violence measures to the NSW Government.

An important part of Women NSW’s work is to conduct research, and collect and publish data on key indicators of women’s equality, as well as providing advice across the NSW Government about issues affecting women and girls.

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Discussing issues relevant to women 

A key example of Women NSW's work is the production of the Women in NSW reports, examining gender equity against indicators in crucial areas including education and learning, safety and justice, work, leadership and financial security and health and wellbeing.

Women NSW launched its report at an event called Talking Women. Guests were joined by The Hon. Tanya Davies MP and a group of distinguished female panelists discussed women's issues and the launch of the 2018 Women in NSW Report. Drawing from the report which depicts and summarises NSW progress towards gender equality, the panel explored women's progress speaking from their own experiences.

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