Work experience with Vodafone is an opportunity to grow your CV whilst developing real-world skills in a professional environment

Vodafone work experience student shares her journey

Vodafone work experience student shares her journey

Taking part in the Ignite Work Experience Programme with Vodafone is a truly enriching and worthwhile experience, as student Chloe Bailey discovered during her time with the company.

Chloe is sharing her experiences and recommends that other women follow in her footsteps. She says: “This experience has taught me so many valuable skills both socially and professionally which I could never have gained elsewhere, so even though it may be daunting at first I would recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity.”

When the opportunity to apply for Vodafone's Ignite Work Experience Programme became available, Chloe says she considered every possible excuse to refuse due to the fear of being 170 miles from home without her parents. However, after realising the benefits she could gain from the experience she finally sent off her application and was accepted.

“On the first day, I was met with just over 20 other young people who were all just as apprehensive as me. We spent most of the morning getting a little more comfortable around each other and we soon realised how much we all had in common,” explains Chloe.

An opportunity to learn from other women

For the following three days at Vodafone, each student was assigned a 'host' to help and mentor them, and Chloe was placed in the Learning & Development team.

She says: “I was fortunate enough to be placed in the Learning & Development team with an utterly inspiring couple of women from completely different backgrounds. They ensured I was happy and comfortable at all times and truly cared about my opinions and preferences in order to tailor my work experience to me, making sure I got everything I wanted out of my time at Vodafone.

“The meetings they organised for us gave me a real insight into the company - not only into the multitude of job roles available, but also the endless possibilities of steps you can take to reach your ultimate career aspirations. We spoke to a versatile range of employees, most of whom were accepted onto one of Vodafone's internships.”

Endless possibilities for people with varying backgrounds

For Chloe, speaking to women at Vodafone showed her that the focus of a degree does not necessarily determine the role that people end up working in, and there is no need to feel ‘pigeon-holed’.

“For example, one employee who studied criminology at university now works in marketing. Each of the workers we were lucky enough to speak to all had different journeys and experiences, and proved to us that you don't need to have a structured life plan in order to end up where you want to be,” Chloe explains.

On the final day, the students spent time in small groups focusing on their “personal brand”.

“This was something I'd never even considered before,” says Chloe. “This showed me how valuable your first impression is when meeting new people, and how this could potentially be the difference between getting a job and missing out. This exercise enabled us to discuss our values and morals, and showed how similar we all were despite our different cultural upbringings.”

Real-world experience is waiting for you with Vodafone

Reflecting on her week at Vodafone, Chloe says: “I would strongly urge all young people to apply for any work experience offered by this company. The offices are relaxed yet professional, and all of the employees I've met are so friendly and welcoming; they really make you feel like part of the team and ensure you get everything you want out of the experience.”

If this sounds appealing to you, there are various work experience opportunities as well as a full Apprenticeship Programme available with the company. Stay connected with Vodafone and register your interest now.

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