Some of Rio Tinto’s brightest minds enter the company’s Pioneer Lab to help forge a digital future

Yinzhu Quan enters the Pioneer Lab with Rio Tinto

Yinzhu Quan enters the Pioneer Lab with Rio Tinto

Mining professional Yinzhu Quan of Rio Tinto has scooped a place in the company’s inaugural Pioneer Lab.

Yinzhu, who is Superintendent for the Amrun bauxite mine, is known around Weipa, Autralia, for her passion, energy and forward-looking approach. Before joining the world of mining, she worked as an electronics engineer designing telecommunication technology for the Chinese defence department.

Addressing why she made the decision to join Rio Tinto, Yinzh says: “I’ve never seen an Asian woman General Manager in a mine. So I figured, I’ll have a go at it!”

Embracing digital opportunity within the Lab

Rio Tinto’s Pioneer Lab in Brisbane takes people out of a business-as-usual setting and asks them to create new digital and technology pilots.

An open invitation was sent to some of the brightest minds in Rio Tinto asking them to nominate a colleague to join the lab for 12 months. The lucky few selected for the Lab are being challenged to think up ideas to help prepare the company for the future and embrace digital technology.

Yinzhu is excited to be joining the Lab, saying it is “an opportunity to really shape a pathway to the way Rio Tinto looks in 2030”.

And there are further women in Rio Tinto's Pioneer Lab

RioTinto Priscilla

“The moment we see changes happen amongst our leaders and employees is when my heart goes boom boom. It means we’re actively listening and working hard to make Rio Tinto a better place to work,” says Priscila, one of Ri Tinto's pioneers, on her way to the Pioneer Lab.

Join innovators like Yinzhu and Priscila at Rio Tinto

Why not join the women at Rio Tinto and explore where a career in mining could take you?


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