Mothers working with Honeywell can perfect the juggling act of balancing employment with their family life

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Balancing motherhood with working at Honeywell

Balancing motherhood with working at Honeywell

Pursuing a career alongside motherhood can be a difficult juggling act, but Honeywell’s Blanca Morales has it sussed.

Senior Program Planning and Control Analyst, Blanca, who is based in Puerto Rico, says the skills she has learnt at Honeywell help her with her life at home with her children.

Blanca explains: “If you are a single mom, working is non-negotiable. Over the last decade, I have strived to balance my career with being a mother. I am able to demonstrate to my children the value of working hard at a job you love. My kids see my passion about working at a company that does remarkable things in our community, develops innovative technology and helps keep people safe.”

In her current position with Honeywell, Blanca says she has developed many ‘hard-and soft-skills'.

“It’s invaluable to be able to exemplify for my children the tools needed to create positive relationships with co-workers and to be flexible and adaptable when things are challenging,” she says.

Working with Honeywell drives Blanca to inspire her children

Blanca advises her children to do something they love as a career, to explore all opportunities and to take on challenges, even when they are daunting.

She explains: “In my career, I have been open to opportunities of all kinds. Whether it is working in Honeywell’s capital assets, Space & Defense business or aftermarket sales, I have been open to new possibilities – and that has proven both inspiring and exciting.”

Blanca’s son and daughter have witnessed her being able delegate when there were too many things to get done, prioritizing her job when there were deadlines and attending countless school functions. She believes that this has set a good example for them and their own future careers.

“These skills are ones I learned from watching my own mother when I was growing up. She taught me to be resilient. She worked hard to make ends meet but she never complained,” she adds. “She taught me to be responsible and to be true to myself and my beliefs. These skills made me who I am and I hope I have demonstrated these attributes to my children as well.”

Enjoy life as a working mother with Honeywell

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