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F5 sponsors the Hopperx1 conference in Seattle

F5 sponsors the Hopperx1 conference in Seattle

 February 26, 2019

F5 is a sponsor for AnitaB.org's Hopperx1 conference in Seattle. The Hopperx1 Seattle is held in partnership with AnitaB.org, a non-profit social enterprise that envisions a future where the people who imagine and build technology mirror the people and societies for which they build it. Sponsorship is a key facet of the Hopperx1 community and plays an important role in building a collectively strong, diverse and inclusive tech community in Seattle.

F5 will support the event, directly aimed at improving diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. It shows the company's commitment and support for women in tech, engages and encourages its current employees by giving them an opportunity to leverage all the conference has to offer, and provides an opportunity to recruit top local-talent at the career fair.

Celebrating the achievements of women

The Hopperx1 includes two days of exciting keynotes, career and technical content which demonstrates the thought leadership of the Seattle area female tech talent. The goals of the conference are:

  • Growing community
  • Strengthening collective, diverse voices
  • Fostering inclusion
  • Inspiring action

The Hopperx1 program aims to celebrate the positive impact and achievements of women at all career levels; to support women in networking with peers, allies and mentors and help eachother in their careers; give women and allies technical and career skills through different sessions; and foster curiosity and action at all levels of experience.

F5 has a strong commitment to diversity

F5's involvement in creating a strong, diverse and inclusive tech community in Seattle shows its commitment and support for women in tech. It also engages and encourages F5's current employees to give them the chance to be part of the conference attract the best talent at the conference's career fair.

At well as the sponsorship, F5 President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director François Locoh-Donou will be a speaker at the Hopperx1 conference. François has always been an advocate for diversity and inclusion at F5 and believes that creating an inclusive environment is one of the ways leaders can make their employees feel valued.

François describes an inclusive environment as a place where people, regardless of their background, can be themselves and where they don't have to suppress a part of their identity to be successful. 

"It's about the policies you put in place, it's about the cultural standards you set, it's about what you tolerate and what you don't tolerate. It's about how you characterize your company," says François.

Be part of an inclusive company

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