Women feel really valued at Rio Tinto

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Women are exploring new opportunities with Rio Tinto

By offering exciting work, development opportunities and providing quality leadership at every level - Rio Tinto is a top employer for women.

With a diverse workforce, Rio Tinto's people share one thing in common - the belief that work is more rewarding when people are accepted and valued for their differences, not judged by them. It’s the company's belief that regardless of how people look, speak or think, they all have something to contribute.

Work with inspiring and talented teams

Karen Beltrame, Principal Advisor Alumina Project Engineering at Rio Tinto has found that it is this diversity that makes for a great organisation and fulfilling career.

“I’ve always been privileged to work with amazing technical experts and have been able to guide their genius into a project that’s delivered to the business,” she explains.

Unearthing new opportunities

As a company that is dedicated to answering tomorrow’s resource needs, Rio Tinto offers women the chance to make a real difference.

You can help them explore new opportunities as you discover for yourself a rewarding and challenging career.

Find out what part of Rio Tinto could be great for you - and the kind of roles they recruit for.

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