Women at Capgemini have many proud moments in their careers

Women at Capgemini have many proud moments in their careers

 March 19, 2019

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Karine Brunet is the COO of Cloud Infrastructure Services at Capgemini. She offers insight on her career to date and what it's like working for this progressive company.

An exciting and diverse career

Prior to joining Capgemini, Karine was at Vodafone where she spent five years working on shared services infrastructure management, but more importantly setting up new capabilities around machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence.

Her first job was as Marketing Manager for Service Desk, where she was one of the first women who joined who was not a personal assistant.

"Now people always ask me whether I had a career path. I never had a career path - I always went to work for people and for projects, again being really attracted by transformation opportunities so I have not forged a clear road ahead of me," says Karine.

Proud moments at work

Karine has enjoyed many proud moments in her career.

"Where I feel really proud of myself is when I work with some people in my team and for coaching and management I manage to develop them and then they get big jobs and they leave a team. I feel sad to see them leave but so proud to have supported them to become who they are," says Karine.

Sharing valuable advice

Karine shares some important advice from lessons she's learned over her career.

"I think my advice is be yourself, stay who you are. What is important is not what you know today but the fact that you're going to learn every day and that's how you will get to the next step," says Karine.

"Looking back at my career, my advice for women who are entering into the professional world is that they need to be themselves. When things can hurt, you need to take them with a sense of humor because they're not important and keep on on your objectives and targets."

Join talented women like Karine at Capgemini

With an inclusive focus, Capgemini actively encourages and supports women at all levels throughout the company. If you feel you have something to offer to the team, then search and apply for current job vacancies without delay.


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