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HCL celebrated International Women’s Day across the globe

HCL celebrated International Women’s Day across the globe

 March 25, 2019

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HCL is a Partner of International Women’s Day (IWD) and proudly supported the campaign theme of #BalanceforBetter as they aim to create and sustain a diverse world.

HCL international women's day global activity

HCL held worldwide celebrations for IWD

IWD was truly a global occasion for HCL as their offices across the world hosted events and gatherings to mark the day.

HCL womensday

HCL hosted activity across many countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Germany, India, Japan, Singapore and Australia. See some of the engaging images here

HCL womensday

Collectively forging a balance for better

Across countries, the HCL community gathered to celebrate the achievements of women. 

HCL womensday acticvity

Sharing employees’ motivational stories

HCL also engaged its audiences via social media to share the stories of some of its inspirational women employees, including their views on diversity and motivation. 

“Riding helps teach discipline, cultivates understanding, instils patience, peace and understanding,” said Michelle Allen, Senior Software Engineer, ERS, HCL Technologies.

“The stories we tell about ourselves impact our success to a great extent,” said Sundari Sivasubba, Communication Office, HCL Foundation.

“Without diversity a team will inevitably have a weak point,” said Michael Horton, Executive Vice President and Country Manager, ANZ, HCL Technologies.

“Staying relevant is the key. Always remember that the industry is evolving. Have the resilience and passion for pursuing your career,” said Krupa Rajendran, AVP, APPS & SI Delivery, HCL Technologies.

Staying relevant to women's day

Supporting women in the workforce beyond IWD

HCL consistently and consciously furthers this cause through various in-organization initiatives as well as creating a larger social environment that facilitates gender-equal workspaces. 

HCL is very active in spotlighting the role that women play in the technology industry through its own Red Ladder Initiative that celebrates, advocates, and fosters women leadership. The program identifies and recognizes top-performing and high potential women leaders, and leverages them as role models for other aspiring women — and men — in STEM fields. The initiative is a winner of Stevie’s Award for Women in Business in the category of Women Helping Women.

International Women's Day HCL Singapore

HCL Foundation helps empower women

Equally important is the work that the company's social responsibility arm, HCL Foundation, is doing. One example is a self help group organized in Noida in India to celebrate the power of women. A well-organized Mela, a social gathering, saw participation of more than 400 women and featured stalls comprising jewellery, clothes, food, household items and more.

With the event being a first of its kind in Noida, 20 women labourers are receiving 30-day specialized training. The objective is to train women labourers into masons by upskilling their skill sets in order to increase their wages. Nidhi Pundhir, Director of the HCL Foundation, handed over the mason kits to the women.

Furthermore, HCL Foundation has formed more than 30 self help groups in Baraula and Sarfabad involving more than 450 women.

HCL Self Help Group Women's Day

The power to empower

Another example of HCL Foundation's charitable work is the adult literacy programme, dubbed Shakshar Samuday, which allowed Sharma Devi to impart literacy to multiple women.

Hailing from Tikari Gram Panchayat, Sharma is the most qualified person of her age and gender in the village. After her visits to HCL Training Centre and passing the tests with the highest grades, Sharma took on the task of educating others in her community.

So far, Sharma has managed to impart literacy to more than 80 women across various age groups. This not only offers her an identity but also gives her the power to empower others through education.

Asking thought provoking questions

In celebration of IWD, HCL’s award-winning thought leadership platform, Straight Talk, hosted a Q&A  #TweetChat session on Twitter.

The questions posed by Straight Talk considered how companies could close the gender gap in leadership roles. They discussed roadblocks to achieving more balanced leadership and they took a look at innovative initiatives launched by companies which could be adopted more widely.

HCL gender balance

Representatives from a number of major companies answered HCL's questions and shared their views on the TweetChat - such as "Unconscious bias is the biggest barrier to gender equality."

HCL International Women's Day barriers

One Twitter user composed a simple but meaningful response, saying: "Promote women. Support women. Be flexible. Don’t let them get away mid-career."

HCL Technologies women leaders family

Another insightful response included: "The next generation of workers give me a lot of hope with regard to this question. What was once considered what 'women want or need' is becoming what ALL employees want or need. Gender partnership will move the needle on this."

HCL leadership imbalance

One Twitter user took the opportunity to discuss the confidence of women, saying: "Everyone has imposter syndrome - men are just taught to hide it better. I've coached women and men both on how to get past that, and be poised enough to show up at work, on stage - wherever they need to be in the job that they want."

HCL female male leadership

Join prime employer for women, HCL

HCL uses International Women’s Day to challenge stereotypes and bias, to encourage organizations to implement progressive policies, and promote the importance of having an inclusive work culture. If you like the sound of working for an employer which truly careers about women in the workplace, search and apply for opportunities with HCL today.

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