Stephanie brings innovative ideas to life at Medtronic

Stephanie brings innovative ideas to life at Medtronic

 March 28, 2019

Stephanie is a Principal Project Manager for Medtronic Facilities Operations in Minneapolis. Stephanie shares insights about her exciting day-to-day life at Medtronic and what she loves about working for such a fantastic company.

An exciting career at Medtronic

In her position at Medtronic, Stephanie manages multiple aspects of facility projects in Medtronic's cleanroom, lab and office environments. A typical day for her includes a wide range of activities.

"One moment I might be found on a roof of one of our buildings, and the next moment participating in calls with multiple contractors reviewing details of any one of a number of active projects," says Stephanie. "Example projects include construction of complete new buildings, addition of cafeteria spaces to existing buildings, or perhaps even creating cadaver surgical suites."

Working in a job she loves 

What Stephanie loves most about working at Medtronic is that each project has a life of its own. She can also collaborate with many other Medtronic employees from around the world. Stephanie finds it extremely rewarding to find out more about their roles and responsibilities and how they contribute to Medtronic's Mission. Stephanie also enjoys traveling and seeing how other business units work and interact.

"I love bringing innovative ideas to life through design and construction," adds Stephanie. "I truly enjoy seeing the spaces being used to benefit Medtronic employees, patients and physicians."

Stephanie also appreciates Medtronic's flexible workplace program that allows her to work where and when she needs to. 

Sharing some interesting facts

Stephanie shares a couple of interesting facts about Medronic and herself.

"Every December we celebrate our Mission with our patients and their physicians. We celebrate with these patients with tissues in hand," she says.

And about herself: "I won the All State Photographer in 1994 for the state of South Dakota."

Giving valuable career advice

Finally, Stephanie gives some advice to women who want to pursue a career at Medtronic.

"Be open to new opportunities by raising your hand when no one else does," says Stephanie.

Join talented women like Stephanie at Medtronic

A career with Medtronic offers women the opportunity to make a difference in patients’ lives. If you feel you have something to offer the team, search and apply for opportunities today.


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