Julia Trujillo, SVP of Global Talent and Workforce Development at MefLife, discusses how the company removes barriers to career progression for people with different abilities

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MetLife shows support of employees with different abilities

MetLife shows support of employees with different abilities

MetLife is committed to creating an inclusive work environment where employees with different abilities are all able to contribute to its success. Through productivity enhancements, and by building awareness, support and community, MetLife empowers its employees to grow, seize opportunities and reach their full potential.

Senior Vice President of Global Talent and Workforce Development at MetLife, Julia Trujillo, discusses with The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world’s largest HR professional society, how MetLife is removing barriers for people with different abilities.

Welcoming and accomodating people with different abilities

Firstly, Julia says companies need to create an inclusive culture, and she believes MetLife is already leading the way

"We feel strongly that creating an inclusive culture where people with different abilities are present, welcome and accommodated is the best approach," explains Julia. "We have taken steps to raise awareness and develop skills with our employees, as well as to ensure our processes and systems are inclusive of all abilities. We are intentional about continuously evolving this approach as we learn and grow." 

Creating meaningful partnerships with external organizations

Julia explains that companies like MetLife can collaborate with other organizations and community groups to recruit and retain the best talent of varying abilities. 

"In many of our markets, we have partnered with external organizations to help us hire talent that is differently abled," adds Julia. "For example, our recruiters have been trained to maximize engagement opportunities with and make accommodations for candidates of all abilities. We've also trained our recruiters to ensure they know how to engage with candidates who have unique needs." 

Establishing a support network of employee resource groups

Finally, Julia cites the example of MetLife's employee resource groups as great ways to support employees of different abilities and create awareness of diversity.

MetLife Diverse Abilities resource group champions disability inclusion and awareness among MetLife’s associates, customers and communities. It also promotes a culture where employees feel empowered to reach their full potential through inclusion, representation and access to essential resources in the workplace, and where employees are recognized for their unique abilities, experiences and talents.

"We have long had an employee resource group to support our employees who are differently abled or are caregivers," says Julia. "This group has done a tremendous amount to raise awareness with our employees. We are continuing to focus on how we can raise awareness and engage our employees in a meaningful way." 

Join an inclusive and diverse company

MetLife is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, while offering its employees access to a range of fantastic career opportunities.

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