Anna Welanyk has a passion for achieving in a context of change

Anna Welanyk has a passion for achieving in a context of change

Anna Welanyk is Executive Director of the Portfolio Management Group for Government Property NSW, located in the Office of Finance, Services and Innovation

Anna leads an impressive team of people responsible for the efficient and effective management of a large portfolio of government leased and owned assets. Whether providing best in class asset management and facilities management services for Agency clients, advising on strategic portfolio planning, implementing environmental and sustainability initiatives, ensuring compliance or  dealing with contaminated land sites - with such a wide remit, Anna's role never sees a dull moment.

Having arrived from a long and impressive international career within the private sector, Anna leads a department of around 60 people who are very committed to delivering service excellence and preserving and improving government buildings and facilities, ensuring effective returns for the tax payer.

Constantly in the public eye Government Property NSW manages a vast array of government sites. The Chief Secretaries Building in Macquarie Street in Sydney is but one of the magnificent state significant assets frozen in time and filled with impressive antiquities and decor that is under Anna's supervision. With its ornate plasterwork, decorative tiled floors and historic sandstone blockwork, public interest in its ongoing preservation and restoration is high.

A significant program of change and innovation

But that's not Anna's only focus. She is driving a significant program of change and innovation. With a relatively newly appointed CEO and highly motivated and focused executive leadership group, of which Anna is a key member, an internal restructure and new direction are being realised within the organisation.

"I have a great deal of energy and vision for the change agenda," explains Anna. "I take pride in the fact that we are genuinely delivering something fundamentally effective for the government that translates into positive public outcomes.

Anna believes that the Portfolio Management Group maintains a highly collaborative environment that provides excellent planning and service delivery. "My colleagues and I are driven by achieving the best outcomes for the public good. There's a team dynamic here and we work together to achieve our objectives.  We enjoy excellent stakeholder engagement and have a great working partnership with  the government  Agencies and Ministers. People's contributions are openly sought and welcomed. Our organisation is certainly one whereby there is good, constructive decision making - and we tend to like to lead rather than follow!"

Working for the NSW Government can be a  career enhancing opportunity. "Not only is the work tremendous," says Anna "but there are significant opportunities and lots of encouragement to work across government departments in various roles throughout one's career. Secondments to other areas to explore new opportunities is certainly welcomed and supported. Employees are also encouraged to extend and develop further skills and experience by participating in project groups for new initiatives."

The prestige of working for the NSW Government's Portfolio Management Group should not be under-estimated. With such a substantial and fluid portfolio under management, there are many advantages to the breadth and variety of working in this organisation over the private sector.

An ever-changing political environment 

Also, the constant dynamics of being exposed to an ever-changing political environment can be very stimulating and exciting. This has been an attraction for many of those who have joined the organisation following private sector careers. 

As Executive Director, Anna is closely involved in the recruitment of top talent into her organisation. "We welcome people with breadth of skills and experience. We need people from different environments to step in and view opportunities in new and creative ways, and have the confidence to challenge current thinking and propose new solutions and possibilities."

A highly motivated and tenacious person, Anna maintains that a strong sense of humour is vital and attributes this quality to her ability to balance the joys and tensions of her daily experiences in the workplace. "From my early days in New Zealand's property sector to my many years in the UK and Europe managing global property accounts and portfolios in the private sector, I thrive on being able to focus all my skills, knowledge and experience in my current role. I am very keen to ensure my organisation recruits the very best diverse talent and I especially welcome more women applying for our positions within the Portfolio Management Group. 

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