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Exyte seeks motivated women with pioneering innovative spirit

Exyte seeks motivated women with pioneering innovative spirit

Exyte is always looking to recruit highly experienced and motivated women to work across its 20 countries of operation. Could it be you?

Exyte enables people to improve their quality of life by using future technologies every day.The company is a global leader in design, engineering and construction delivering high-tech facilities, plants and factories.

The company delivers high-tech facilities, plants and factories in order to sustainably strengthen the economic success of its customers. 

With a history of more than 100 years, Exyte has developed a special expertise in controlled and regulated environments and serves the most technically demanding clients in growth markets.

Exyte work culture - women

A commitment to diversity and inclusion

Exyte has pride in its employees and the diversity of its workforce. People are at the core of Exyte's business and ensure its future success by enriching the company with a diverse spectrum of experience

For Exyte, diversity is core to its talent strategy and priorities and is the strength that creates a richness within the company. Exyte cultivates its global spirit through mutual respect and the sharing of experiences.

Women at Exyte enjoy a supportive culture within the company which operates in an industry that is ften considered to be more conducive for men. Exyte women are known to bring distinct strengths to their teams including business acumen, their ability to build and sustain key relationships, as well as their focus and belief in teams.

Exyte women diversity

A workplace culture of innovation 

Exyte employees all work towards the same pioneering and progressive culture of innovation.

  • Agile mindsets: Exyte employees have agile mindsets toward the dynamic market environment and personal commitment to performance allow us to achieve extraordinary results
  • Pioneering spirit: They also have a pioneering spirit is embedded in Exyte's heritage. They prove this every day by building next generation technology facilities using the most advanced skills and tools
  • Technology facilities: The most sophisticated breakthroughs in technology are made possible through cutting-edge research and production facilities - designed and built by Exyte employees
  • Improving life: With this, Exyte employees enable breakthrough technological advancements that improve peoples' lives and drive modern society
  • Client centric: Listening to clients is a fundamental element in Exyte's approach to the development of customized solutions and the forging of long-term partnerships. Its engineering and construction services for the next generation of technology facilities secure its clients' success

Why should you work for Exyte?

There are many great reasons to join the company, such as you will:

  • join a global player with a strong local presence
  • be part of a company steeped in a long history that serves high-tech markets of the future.
  • enjoy a multicultural company that is connected by common values.

Cathy Cafarelli, Director of GBU Advanced Technology Facilities, Exyte U.S., explains what Exyte looks for in employees.

Exyte - Cathy Cafarelli - Technology

"Here at Exyte, we put a very large emphasis on our most important resource - people. We are looking for talented, driven and imaginative team members who put value on the importance of being a part of a highly collaborative group. In interviews, beyond the technical and professional capabilities, we are looking for someone who understands that the success of everything we do starts and ends with the success of the team," says Cathy.

"Personal excellence that contributes to the success of the project, problem solving, and an ability to lead and be led is important for every role, from support staff to Project Directors. These are primary qualities that we look for in any candidate."

Exyte teams: women and diversity

Who is Exyte looking for?

Exyte is a global leader in design, engineering and construction delivering high-tech facilities, plants and factories. The company is currently seeking to hire specifically employees for operational functions, such as engineering, project management, construction management and commercial management. 

Exyte is looking for the most skilled, mobile and highly trained engineering specialists for the following roles:

  • Project Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Construction Managers
  • Commercial Manager
  • Health & Safety, Environment
  • Design Engineers 
  • Other Experts for all disciplines.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Exyte family today!

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