Senior executive recruitment at NSW DFSI

Senior executive recruitment at NSW DFSI

Senior Executive recruitment, Corporate Services

Corporate Services within the Department of Finance, Services & Innovation (DFSI) is transforming the way it does business to help make NSW great. Senior Executive opportunities to join our Corporate Services division exist for senior executives in Finance, ICT, HR, Legal & Audit.

Some of Australia's best leaders, from the private sector and government, are bringing new insights, skills and expertise to addressing public challenges.

Together they're driving reforms and innovation to help government best utilise its assets, capital and support services.

Their Story - Corporate Services

They recognise the importance of providing their people with more than just a job. They provide a range of challenging work experiences to keep their people engaged and motivated.

They place a strong emphasis on life-long learning and encourage our people to broaden their skills and knowledge.

Build your career

They offer a rich and broad range of experiences and opportunities for personal and professional growth. They know it’s important to build the skills, knowledge and experience of everyone who works for them.

the Department of Finance, Services & Innovation strives to attract people who can continually contribute to the growth of the Office, sustain performance and develop and grow as individuals. DFSI has a comprehensive Performance Development Program (PDP) which offers a number of benefits to employees.

Commitment to diversity and equity

They believe that diversity makes their organisation an exciting and vibrant place to work. Their differences are a valuable asset that gives us a unique capability to support the delivery of their services to the community.

The department's diversity and equity programs recognise cultural and community needs and expectations, deliver social justice outcomes to clients and staff, reflect best practice and comply with statutory and legislative requirements.

Enjoy the benefits

At DFSI, you'll join the NSW public sector which has a long history of genuinely caring for, developing and retaining its people. They believe this is fundamental to delivering quality services and public value to the community of NSW.

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