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Arcadis women protect cities and communities from flooding

Arcadis women protect cities and communities from flooding

 May 30, 2019

Women at Arcadis are always trying to overcome our world's major challenges. One of these challenges is making sure our cities and communities are protected from the elements, such as flooding.

An unrivaled expertise in water management 

With over a century of experience protecting the notoriously flood-prone Dutch coastline, Arcadis is in the unique position to advise on all matters of water management. From developing flood defenses in Asia Pacific to storm proofing New York’s financial district, Arcadis’ unrivaled expertise improves the quality, safety and adaptability of urban and coastal, riverine and delta ecosystems everywhere.

One city in need of Arcadis' support is Norfolk, a waterfront city in Virginia. 

Norfolk is undergoing one of the fastest rates of sea level rise in the country. The City of Norfolk has responded with an extensive coastal resilience project to support the Ohio Creek communities, which are majorly impacted by sea level rise and flooding. The Elizabeth River is rising and storms often make the outdated stormwater systems to overflow. The problem is particularly serious during high tide, and local people are frequently unable to leave their area because of severe flooding.

This is why the City of Norfolk has contracted Arcadis to design the stormwater infrastructure improvements for the project. The aim is to create infrastructure to overcome present and future issues.

Using historical, local and regional knowledge

Two women working at Arcadis share their insights about Arcadis' efforts to help protect Norfolk and its people from risk of flooding.

Amy Jablonsky is an Associate Vice President at Arcadis. She is helping to increase flood protection for Norfolk through reviewing its coastal flooding strategy and conducting a program gap analysis.

"Norfolk is crucial to our nations’ security, and the Virginia economy, and second only to New Orleans in terms of the number of people who are threatened by rising sea levels. Arcadis is reviewing Norfolk’s Coastal Flooding Strategy and conducting an analysis that will determine a plan of action in the face of growing flood risks," says Amy

Senior Vice President Arcadis

"Our knowledge of local flooding concerns, including the region’s recent sea level rise, is crucial to examining and identifying existing and potential flood prone areas and developing a long-term resiliency strategy for the area. We’ve also participated in “Dutch Dialogues,” a multi-day conference that brings water professionals together to discuss flood protection and sustainability."

"Our historical knowledge of water management, landscape architecture, flood protection and urban design will help Virginia and the surrounding region learn to live with ever-rising sea levels. And our first-hand experience completing successful projects for the US Army Corps of Engineers will allow us to navigate those processes efficiently and effectively," she adds.

Enhancing quality of life through sustainable infrastructure

Jillian Parrinello is a Water Resources Engineer at Arcadis. Her career goal is "to enhance the quality of life by providing sustainable infrastructure that tends to the needs of the present without sacrificing those of the future."

She spoke to Coastal Virginia Magazine about how coastal cities like Norfolk can respond to flooding and sea levels rising in a way that prioritizes citizens through stormwater infrastructure improvement.

“Across the country, our firm and similar firms are working on these types of resilience projects. Since one of the biggest symptoms of climate change is large and more frequent storms, we anticipate more of those in the future, and we have to plan for them,” says Jillian.

“For this project, there’s been a lot of community awareness and involvement—taking the needs of the community into account, as well as the realities of sea level rise.”

Join impressive women like Amy and Jillian at Arcadis

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