Build your career at Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI)

Build your career at Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI)

Build your career

Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI) offers a rich and broad range of experiences and opportunities for personal and professional growth. They know it’s important to build the skills, knowledge and experience of everyone who works for them.

They strive to attract people who can continually contribute to the growth of the Department, sustain performance and develop and grow as individuals. DFSI has a comprehensive Performance Development Program (PDP) which offers a number of benefits to employees.

The PDP provides the opportunity for employees to have regular, structured conversations with their line manager/supervisor about work performance and objectives.

Through the PDP, employees develop Individual Work Plans and Individual Development Plans in consultation with their line manager/supervisor. Each Individual Work Plan includes performance indicators and identifies areas for development. These are closely linked to DFSI’s Planning and Performance Management Framework so that employees can clearly see the link between their immediate work goals and the overarching objectives of DFSI and the NSW Government.

Each Individual Development Plan identifies experiences and activities that will lead to the enhancement of specific capabilities such as project management, communication, and analytical thinking and problem solving.

The PDP prioritises development needs to:
- address skills gaps in order to achieve the outcomes of the position
- identify and build on employee strengths
- support employee career development   

DFSI provides structured, formal development opportunities as well as less structured, more informal ways for employees to develop their capabilities.

Formal, structured programs to support the development of staff include:
- generic skills training programs such as OH&S, Induction/Orientation, Code of Conduct and Merit Selection
- technical and professional skills training programs such as Microsoft Office software packages, Presentation Skills and Communicating with Influence
- leadership Development Program with specific programs for all levels from aspiring managers through to Executive level managers
- Learning Bites Program which are short training sessions on various topics of interest

Employees are also encouraged to take the initiative to develop themselves through such activities as:
- joining professional associations
- applying for secondments within DFSI and across the NSW Public Sector
- applying for temporary/acting promotional positions
- arranging a job rotation or job shadowing opportunity with another employee or manager
- asking an experienced colleague or manager to be a mentor
- attending Lunchtime Learning sessions
- availing themselves of DFSI's extensive virtual library and online "info cafe"

DFSI also provides staff with:
- assistance with further study
- mentoring programs for staff at all stages of their career
- career guidance, including job application training
- life long learning

DFSI recognises the importance of life-long learning and offers all staff access to:
- professional development
- leadership and management
- membership of professional associations
- staff secondments
- assistance with further study
- mentoring and career guidance

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