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NSW DFSI supports women returners

Can you help make NSW great?

Are you an experienced professional woman looking to return to work?

The NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI) is a great place to work. They understand that managing life’s priorities has its challenges and rewards. That’s why they have such brilliant flexible work-life programs that allow you to manage your workload as only you can.

DFSI is committed to working with its staff to develop and maintain work/life balance. Where possible, they offer flexible work arrangements and other work-life programs to meet individual needs.

One of their female employees told us this - “Since my return to work from maternity leave my manager and workplace have been fantastic, I have been able to adjust my hours to fit in with my childcare arrangements, the flexibility they have shown has certainly increased my motivation."

Another said “My business area has fully supported me by providing access to study leave, I wouldn't have been able to complete my masters without access to study leave. They benefit too as I have brought new skills and knowledge into my area”.

You can find out more about DFSI's flexible working hours and leave arrangements by reading through the Government's policy documents:
The Flexible Work Practices Policy and Guidelines 
Strategies for Flexible Workplace Arrangements


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