Capgemini gives Simone the flexibility to be a working mother

Capgemini gives Simone the flexibility to be a working mother

 June 04, 2019

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Simone Thomas, HR Business Partner at Capgemini UK, shares her experience being a working mother and the vital contribution Capgemini's work environment made to her career success.

Capgemini values agile working

Prior to her career at Capgemini, Simone worked flexibly as a sibling carer and then as a mother. After having her daughter, she decided to work in contract roles as she believed this was the only way she could achieve the flexibility she needed.

Simone then realised that doing a series of contract roles meant she really missed creating long lasting relationships with team members and the businesses that she supported.

"I decided to look for a permanent role within a company that was results driven and therefore less likely to be opposed to agile ways of working," explains Simone.

Capgemini is fully invested in employee development

She discovered a vacancy for a HR Manager position at Capgemini. This immediately caught her eye, as she was already aware of Capgemini’s reputation for treating its employees well.

"I applied for the role and I was contacted by a member of the Capgemini recruitment team who was incredibly professional and asked me questions specifically related to the role requirements. Capgemini has fully invested in my development which helped me to achieve my promotion to HR Business Partner within a year of joining," adds Simone.

"During the interview process, I was transparent about the flexibility that I needed. In summary, I proposed that I could work my contractual hours in a different way and still do a great job."

Capgemini allows employees to be their best at work

Since Capgemini offered Simone the position in HR, she has not looked back.

"When I am at work I am able to focus and be at my best, knowing that my most precious is happy and that I am there for her when she needs me," says Simone.

"I feel incredibly loyal to Capgemini and feel really fortunate to work for a company that truly believes that working for them should be a ‘shared adventure’ for all. If you want to be the best you can be in a profession that you are committed to, with a truly supportive team, I would really recommend Capgemini."

Join ambitious women like Simone at Capgemini

Capgemini encourages and supports women at all levels of their careers throughout the business. If Simone’s story has inspired you, perhaps it’s time to search and apply for current job vacancies at Capgemini and take your next exciting career move.


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