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AECOM runs Apprentice open evening to encourage new talent

AECOM runs Apprentice open evening to encourage new talent

 June 04, 2019

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The AECOM St. Albans office recently hosted a successful apprentice open evening.

“We started running the apprentice opening evening as a way of encouraging potential new talent to discover what engineering in the built environment is about and what they could learn and achieve by joining one of the teams in St. Albans. The event has been a great success and gets better each year,” explains Paul Caton, AECOM Project Director, who is one of the project leads for the event.

Showcasing AECOM's work to potential new talent

Approximately 85 budding new recruits attended the open evening along with their family and friends. The event was supported by the whole St. Albans office, but was led by Paul, Cathy Sweeney, AECOM Office Manager, Jacqui Brown, AECOM Senior Graduate Recruiter, and Brett Whitehead, AECOM Engineer. During the apprentice open evening, AECOM showcased the work they do to the potential new talent, as well as the opportunities that could be open to the apprentices themselves.

“The office was buzzing! All our various engineering teams were present, alongside our Sports & Social and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) teams, and a representative from South Bank University,” says Cathy.

Being a former apprentice himself Brett was able to offer a truly unique insight into the role of an apprentice at AECOM and share some handy hints and tips as well.

“The best bit of advice I could offer a new apprentice would be to work to your strengths but appreciate your weaknesses and work on them. Do not think of yourself as a burden to the Engineers you are working for, ask questions about the tasks you are given or when you are not sure of something. This is how you learn and become more useful to your team.”

“We have already been interviewing a number of applicants and some will be starting their careers in engineering very shortly,” says Jacqui.

Search for apprentice opportunities or email grad_recruit.europe@aecom.com with your CV and details of what you are looking for.

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