Thanks to Vodafone's inclusive and diverse Apprenticeship Programme, Melissa thrives in her exciting job as a Field Technician Apprentice

Melissa is a Field Technician Apprentice at Vodafone

Melissa is a Field Technician Apprentice at Vodafone

Melissa is a Field Technician Apprentice at Vodafone. She enjoys her role for the opportunities it provides her as a woman in what some people might consider to be a traditionally male-dominated career.

"I love it because it shows that women can do this job. I'm a woman doing something I love and I haven't been restricted by my gender," says Melissa.

Vodafone apprenticeships offer valuable, real-world experience

Vodafone is always looking for apprentices like Melissa to join its fantastic team. 

Vodafone's Apprenticeship Programme lets you work for one of the most exciting companies in the UK while developing your skills and knowledge with real industry experts. With programmes for those educated to both GCSE and A Level standard, it’s a fantastic opportunity to kick start your career, be paid for your time and earn valuable, real-world experience while you study. 

Vodafone apprenticeships provide an opportunity to work, learn and earn and Vodafone makes sure apprentices have all the support and career development opportunities they need to not only gain a qualification in their chosen field, but reach their potential. Each apprenticeship is different, but you’ll spend anything between 12 - 42 months in a variety of different learning environments all the while, striving towards a full qualification.

Women are thriving in apprenticeships at Vodafone

There are many other women like Melissa who have thrived in apprenticeships at Vodafone

Chloe is a Data Analyst Apprentice working in the BI and Data Visualization team in Group Technology at Vodafone. She has worked on a wide range of major projects thanks to her Vodafone apprenticeship.

"It has given me the opportunity to understand the benefits and business requirements of the project, right through to the implementation of the solution to our local markets," she says.

"The level of exposure to projects and opportunities that I have experienced in my first year at Vodafone I believe is not something you would find anywhere else."

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Data Analyst Apprentice Vodafone

Meanwhile, Dessi is a Technical Sales Apprentice at Vodafone. 

"Vodafone is a company that treats all its employees equally. There is an active LGBT+ friend’s community in our online platforms. Additionally, there are educational programs that take place regularly," she says.

"Vodafone workplace is flexible and people can work anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. For the sales teams this is very important as we can travel to the customers and be more flexible with our working."

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Technical Sales Apprentice Vodafone

Join talented women like Melissa, Chloe and Dessi at Vodafone

Vodafone offers exciting opportunities to talented women around the world, from apprentices through to experienced hires. 

Search and apply for your next role with Vodafone today and see where your career will take you.


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